Can you pass this test?

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Hi. This is FluffyEtini. So... do you like potatoes. Comment on this. Yay. Have a nice day. Good job on this quiz even though you haven't taken it yet.

So. I'm back again because apparently I must write a weird paragraph about this. So, how is your life? Please visit me in my official thread on the forums.

Created by: FluffyEtini
  1. You will not get over 100%.
  2. Ok. Please go to my official thread after this and create an account so you can talk to me.
  3. You don't need to, but I want company so ya.
  4. I hope you are an utter failure)
  5. Fine. I must type more weird and useless questions.
  6. Lala
  7. Llamas
  8. Bread and circuses.
  9. The Hunger Games
  10. Harry potter.
  11. ...
  12. The correct answers does not express the beliefs of FluffyEtini.

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Quiz topic: Can I pass this test?