Citizenship Test

Okay, so it says I have to write a paragraph about this quiz/test, and or why I wanted to make it. Basically someone told me how they were given it in English class, and how they got only 2 questions wrong, but that was the highest percentage of the entire class, and how the majority of people got at least 4 answers incorrectly. This made me sad a bit, as I was not born here, but I can answer the entire test correctly, that's right, 100%, and I was not born here, nor did I live the entirety of my life here. Bit sad really. I have mostly only Anglo-Aussie mates, and I want to see how many (if at all) can also get 100%, or at least above 84% (which is the lowest you can get to be classed as a pass on this quiz). It's a challenge, and I present it to each of you.

Here I am to write stuff like "ARE YOU GAME TO TAKE MY TEST" "IF YOU ARE TOO CAT TO TAKE THIS TEST, IT JUST MEANS YOU KNOW YOU WILL FAIL" All I can say is, if the satisfaction of being right is with any of you, as it is with me, you will take it. Maybe even out of complete curiosity as to whether or not, as a foreign citizen entering Australia, you would pass, and be given access into our country. It's worth thinking about.

Created by: Siobhan Marguerite

  1. Which colours are represented on the Australian Flag?
  2. Indigenous people hav elived in Australia for...
  3. Australia's national flower is the...
  4. Which is a popular sport in Australia?
  5. Australia's political system is a...
  6. The capital of Australia is...
  7. Which animals are on the Australian Coat of Arms?
  8. Where did the first European settlers to Australia come from?
  9. Who is Australia's head of state?
  10. Who was the first Prime Minister of Australia?
  11. What song is Australia's National Anthem?
  12. What do you call the elected head of a State Government?
  13. Which federal political party or parties are in power?
  14. Australia's values are based on the...
  15. What does ANZAC Day commemorate?
  16. In what year did the first European settlers arrive?
  17. How many states are there in Australia?
  18. Australian soldiers fought in...
  19. What is Australia's biggest river system?
  20. Which of the following are Australian values?

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