How To Do The Short Quiz!

UGH! I don't want to write anything here because no one reads this. If you are reading this, stop imediatly because you're here to take the quiz, not read this!

Potatoes are brown, potatoes are purple, potatoes are green if they're moldy.... Do you know the muffin man? He lots of muffins. Chocolate, blueberry...

Created by: Wonka

  1. Ok, so most of you have seen the super short quizzes, right?
  2. Well I can show you how!
  3. Ok, first off, you need to start a quiz. You know, give a name, a password...
  4. Then give it as many question as you want....
  5. Then fill up the rest with random letters until you reach twelve. Then finish making the quiz but don't filalize it. On the summary, click on the edit button of one of the random letter questions and click delete at the top.
  6. Hope you got it! See ya!

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