How much do you know about cats?

Welcome to my quiz! I hope you have fun testing your knowledge on cats! I am so interested in cats so I decided to make a quiz about them! If you score low, that's okay. If you score high, great!

The reason I like cats is because you can play with them. They are fluffy and will keep you company. The main reason I chose cats over dogs is because I like cats better than dogs . I like the texture of the cat.

Created by: FluffyEtini
  1. Where do cats not have whiskers?
  2. Can a cat say " meow"?
  3. Do American longhairs exist?
  4. Can cats press their lips together?
  5. What is your age ?
  6. Are Maine coons unique?
  7. Can cats get glaucoma?
  8. Are cats very popular?
  9. Do cats really have nine lives?
  10. Random question: are birds smarter than dogs?
  11. What is your age ?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about cats?