Cats The Musical Phenomenon

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Cats is definately my favorite musical ever. I hope you enjoy this because I enjoyed making it. CATS is awesome and if you disagree I will send Macavity after you.

So on that happy note enjoy this quiz, Test YOUR knowledge on the 1998 video of CATS, it isn't too hard, I think. That's up to you to decide though, I can't make up your mind.

Created by: Quaxo

  1. Does Plato have tape on his fingers
  2. Who does Jemima do the "mating" dance with?
  3. Who does the Rum Tum Tugger do the Mating dance with?
  4. What are Tuggers bagpipes made of
  5. When does _____________ make the Jellicle Choice
  6. Finish this line... And to those who are _________ that my meaning be perfectly plain
  7. What do the Cats make during Skimbleshanks
  8. What does the license plate say
  9. Which of these are interchangeable with Tumblebrutus
  10. Which of these are NOT in the 1998 video (or any productions)?
  11. Did you enjoy this (doesn't count for anything)

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