Which of The Warroir Cats Are You That I Made?

We are doing a quiz! My sister is writing a book and these are the main characters, hope you like this quiz and pls don't judge this is our first! Thanks!

Well you get the point and I have to write 150 letters so I'll just do some cats names from the book as well! thanks! Pearstar Flameclaw Spottedwing :D

Created by: Ted

  1. your apprentice got stuck in a fox trap. What do you do?
  2. Are you a tom or a she-cat?
  3. do you like hunting, or fighting?
  4. Do you have kits?
  5. Which cat do you want to have? (Not Effective)
  6. Which part do you want to have?
  7. Which clan is your clan (Not shadowclan or riverclan )
  8. your favorite fresh-kill
  9. What do you do in your break time?
  10. where you once a kittypet?
  11. your favorite place?
  12. your pattern?
  13. your mate?

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Quiz topic: Which of The Warroir Cats am I That I Made?