what book are you from?

People love to read a lot.. and there are plenty of popular books out there,many of them have to do with fantasy and a few with reality...often when people read a book the dive into the world the book creates...

So which book(their all series by the way) should you be in? One has been made into a tv show, two of them into movies in the making. the other two is rising into fame slowly, but maybe you have heard of them maybe not, maybe after you take this really short quiz you'll decide to read them and learn more about the world that is a part of you.

Created by: Gemma

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. choose an element
  2. choose a creature
  3. choose an object
  4. choose a helper
  5. choose a weapon
  6. choose a power
  7. choose a side kick
  8. choose a pet
  9. choose what appeals to you
  10. if you could go any where it would be

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Quiz topic: What book am I from?