How cliched is your epic fantasy book?

Do you think your fantasy book is totally cool and original? Well, let this quiz by the judge of that. We'll see how original this fantasy book is. Just take the simple quiz.

Are YOU an original fantasy writer? Let's find out. Take this quick quiz and we'll see if you are a truly original author. Or if you're just cliched and boring.

Created by: Lizzy

  1. Is your main villain a
  2. What is the GENERAL group of fantasy creatures in your book?
  3. Is your main hero
  4. Does your main character have a magical sword?
  5. Is your book about a quest for a
  6. What society is your book based off of?
  7. At any time, does an Oracle play a part in the story?
  8. Does your evil bad guy have deformed henchmen?
  9. Are places in your sinister lands labeled stuff like "Moutain of Death", "Blood River", "Doom Canyon", or anything like that? (Be honest!)
  10. Does your evil bad guy have a crumbling lair?
  11. What type of henchmen are dominant under your Evil Overlord's control?
  12. Do any of these quest companions describe someone in your cast?
  13. What color of robes does your evil lord wear?

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Quiz topic: How cliched is my epic fantasy book?