Magic Adventure 9

Sorry it took a while. Okay, Recap: You reached a firey place, Naris and Veldaro flew out to look what was beyond. He never returned. Verras flew of, and it took her long also, but she returned, with panicked eyes. Many black foes followed her, and above them, floated a black dragon. You then fainted...

Oh, one thing: I accidently put Naris twice! One of the results is supposed to be Surgan! Sorry folks! I hope you can all understand that I don't want to make the whole thing again. It isn't hard to make out which is which though in the results.

Created by: Skydragon

  1. A voice comes through the darkness. It's Leah, who has revived you. Verras sits by you, but you notice something in her tiny talons...
  2. You get up, and look at Verras. "Here." she says, and drops the round object in your hand. It is a ruby. Clear like water, and bright like Verras's scales themselves.
  3. "Focus on me, and hold the ruby tightly. Do it now!" Verras commands you, and looks into your eyes with her scarlet reds.
  4. You do as she says, and suddenly, you feel a stream of your own energy, flood into the crystal in your hand. It becomes very warm, even hot. But you hold on. Verras's scales begin to glow brightly. They go on increasing their brightness, until it is unbearable. Still, do you look at her. She curls her neck, and folds her wings. Then she trusts open her wings, and throws up her head, and she has changed. Her size is so much larger. She is twice the size of Ivy!
  5. "Get on ______! We shall fight!" Verras says. You climb on, and the rage in your eyes burns from love for:
  6. Verras roars mightily, and jumps into the air. She dashes forward, and lets out a bright red jet of fire. She sets her enemies aflame, and flies over their heads, avoiding their spears, arrows, swords, and other weapons.
  7. Verras angles past the black dragon, who sends a flame at her. She dodges it easily, as she is lithe and agile. She flies on, and over the high, mirky mountains. "Where are we going?" you ask.
  8. Verras rushes down, and you see a hole in the ground. "The tunnels." she slowly answers.
  9. Verras dives down, and the darkness engulfs you. Verras lands. "We need light." she tells you. You call for magic, and you then have a floating light above your palm.
  10. You hear deep breathing, that sounds like Veldaro's in the distance. You head in its direction, and you find a locked chamber. A faint light, like yours, floats in it, and it lights the face of Naris.
  11. "Naris!" you call out to get his attention. He looks over, and sees you. He rushes to the door. "_____! The door is locked. Magic prevents other spells from breaking it, and force won't work either." he explains.
  12. "Look around for a key, or a scroll. Anything that can help to discover or even how to unlock this door." Naris says. "Go." he adds.
  13. You and Verras turn to an unknown tunnel. Verras looks at you. "Be strong, my Rider." she says to you. You nod faintly. With distaste, you head into the tunnel.
  14. He head into it, and Naris watches your faint light dissapear... That's it for now! Be back for part 10! Please comment and rate!

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