True Love ~part 1~

Hey please take this quiz. I'm sure you'll like it and if you don't then sorry I trident my best. Also it's my first actual love story trust me It gets better plz comment and rate bye

Part 2 and 3 are almost out I just need to type it in this thingy. This might help you try writing it on a paper first and then just type it in this thingy makes you're life a little bit easier Plz comment and rate bye

Created by: ICONiac16
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  1. (you're name is Abbey for now! You are an ok size. You have straight black hair and blue eyes!) it's 5:54am you woke up to a bell. You thought it was the fire alarm,but then you noticed it was just you're alarm lol. You turn it off and take a shower. Today was the first day of high school!
  2. You weren't that ready for it though. It was 7:00am. so you decided to leave. You say bye to you're mom and dad. "Abbey!"you hear someone say. You turn around and see Cortney,you're best friend. She isnt small but fun size lol. She has blond hair and blue eyes. Cortney Is super nice and addorae. She has an older brother named Drake. He is a year older than you and is super hot! He's an ok size. He has black hair and green eyes.
  3. So back to the story. You guys walk in the school and all you say is "Wow this is better then middle school!" you guys say bye to each other and go to your classes. When you come in all the seats are taken exept for one. It's this really hot boy. He has brownish blackish hair and brown eyes. He is also super hot lol! He seems a little shy though.
  4. . There's gonna be lots of talking so I'm not going to put these thingys "
  5. say. Hi. He says what's you're name? DAmian and yours? Mines Abbey. You guys talk for like 3min. then class starts! When 1st period is finished you ask him if he would like you to show him around? He says yes and then you guys go to you're other classes. It's the last class and you see him again. You sit by him and start talking to him.
  6. When schools over you ask him if he needs help with his homework. He says yes and you tell him to go to the mall. He says yes and you guys schedule a time. ( the time is @6:30) he goes to his house that is super close to the school and you keep on walking.
  7. While you're walking you feel something really close to you. You are super scared. You want to look back and at the same time you don't!
  8. Cliffhanger lol
  9. Stay tuned for part 2 and 3
  10. Plz comment and rate bye

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