Are you my perfect match?

I have not found true love... It seems impossible. This quiz will reveal to me if you are my true match. The following questions will be crucial to finding my lost love... are you ready to know if you are my true match?

Are you my match made in heaven? by taking this quiz we'll know. It won't take long and you won't regret it. After the results are done... I will finally know my true love...I hope it is you.!!

Created by: Sara

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  1. Are you taller than 5'7?
  2. HONESTLY! Do you smoke, drink or do drugs?
  3. Do you have a very good relationship with your family?
  4. Do you have specific career goals and a plan to achieve them?
  5. Choose one thing to do in a saturday night.
  6. Are you organized?
  7. How important is sex in a relationahip?
  8. Do you say bad words everytime you open your mouth or when you get angry?
  9. Do you check out girls? be honest!!!
  10. Would you lie just to avoid a big argument (a small lie) if that would make the day happier for you and your girlfriend?
  11. Are you a veggetarian?
  12. Can you solve saily problems easily and don't frustrated?
  13. Finally, how would you describe your personality?

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Quiz topic: Am I my perfect match?