Mini Harry Potter Quiz

Well, to Harry Potter Fans and readers (and to non-HP fans and readers) This quiz is a quiz for you to answer. It's about the 7th book, so I gues you should try it now.

So, what? Are you a HP genius? Try what you know. There are 10 qustions so try and get them all right. Please do not forget to visit Thanks!

Created by: g0270
  1. Does Harry Potter die in the 7th book?
  2. Does Cho Chang appear in the 6th book?
  3. Does harry go to Hogwarts?
  4. Is Snape good?
  5. What is Harry's elf named?
  6. Name the 3 hallows:
  7. Which object did Voldemort obtain?
  8. Who was Snape friends with?
  9. Who died in the 7th book?
  10. Who else died?

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