You're Fantasy part 4

Okay, here is part...four I think. I like this one that I made. Sorry if it took too long to post this one. During the time I wasn't working on this, I was thinking about stuff to put in yeah

Okay so far you have met Sebastian, Darien, and Macon. This quiz you will meet one more person. Thank you to all the people who helped me come up with a new character. You guys really helped me.

Created by: sweeneytoddlova

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  1. It's still the same day from last quiz. You finally calmed down from with whole crying thing with Macon. You were now heading for orchestra. Darien picked Drama as well as Sebastian. Macon...not too sure. The only person you talk to in your elective was Liam, a very talented and funny drummer.
  2. In orchestra you play the cello. Your cello is white. The school you go to allows you to leave your instrument there for the week. You were getting yours and while you were taking it out of your case Liam walks in. He has dark, short hair and the slightest purple highlight on the left side of his head. His eyes are maroon.
  3. While you were bending down Liam bumped into you. "Oops, sorry ______." He apologized but he was chuckling a little bit when he saw you fall down. He held out his arm to help you up. You didn't grab his arm and you got up on your own. "I-it's ok." You said while blushing not looking up at him. You grabbed your white cello and your bow and headed to the orchestra room along with Liam who had his drum sticks.
  4. While you two were walking you couldn't help but notice the blue rubber bracelet he was wearing that said "We Stop Hate". You knew that Liam was a bullied victim two years ago but now that he has gotten buff and tough no one has bothered him. People like him a lot now especially girls but some reason he doesn't talk to them that much. The only girl he usually talks to is you. He likes to joke around with you at times.
  5. You two were at class now and today was the chair test. During summer, you have been practicing so you could be first chair this year. All last year you were second chair. The teacher went down the list. First your ex-friend who also plays the cello, Nia, played. Then the shy girl Lacey. Finally you played. Your bow glided gently across the strings on your cello letting out a beautiful masterpiece that you wrote yourself. Almost at the end of your song a loud noise came from behind you, making you stop at the last note.
  6. The sound came from Liam's drum stick falling onto the drum. You turn around as well as all the other students. Liam looked at all the faces staring at him and then at you. He smile giving a "sorry" smile at you while shrugging his shoulder. You gave him a nasty grimace causing him to sink down a little bit. "Ok,________, I think I've heard enough now." the teacher said high officially while giving you an assuring smile. Did he like how you played? You suddenly got angry. Liam could have ruined it for you. Hopefully you got first chair.
  7. It's the middle of class time now. After practicing three songs your teacher decided to give you a five minute break. You decided to walk over to Liam. You tripped a little bit over the chairs but you managed to get to him. Liam gave you a sorrowful look but them his face changed to a playful smile. "You played really well,_______" He said while brushing a hair out of your eye. You blushed for a second. "It would have been better if you didn't ruin it." You said while curving your eyebrow. He put his hand behind his head. "Yeah...sorry about that. Collin was trying taking my stick away."
  8. Despite how anger you were at Liam, you didn't want to get all mad at him. You know how he was treated before and you don't want to bring up bad memories for him. "You are forgiven Liam." You said feeling discouraged by how you gave in so quickly. His face brightened up and grabbed you quickly off your feet and spin you around. He put you back on your feet. "Thank you,_______." He said while giving you a flirting look. It made your heart skip a beat. People, especially girls, noticed his uproar of affection. Girl's faces turned envious. You blushed, still in Liam's arms. Liam didn't seem notice the eyes staring at you two. He stared at you in awe.
  9. There was only a little bit of spare time left in class. You finally got over the display of affection that Liam gave to you. He only acts like that to you. Wonder why? Everyone was practicing the song "Silent Night" while the teacher was working on the drummers for the song "Little Drummer Boy." Preparation for the Christmas concert.
  10. Couple more seconds till the bell rings. Three. Two. One. RIIINNNGG!! Everyone rushed out almost knocking you down with each person running out of the classroom. No one was coming out now, you started darting towards the door thinking that it's clear but no. BAM. Someone crashed into. This time you were thrown off your feet. You expected the cold floor hitting your face but warm, almost hot arms caught you. You looked up and it was Liam. He smiled at you. "You okay?" He asked while putting you back on your feet. Still disorientated you answer him "Uh, fine." He gave out a throaty chuckled. You both walked out of the room, not saying anything else to each other.
  11. Now at your locker, the hallways were empty, dark. You were getting a couple of books in and out of your locker. You made many loud sounds while struggling with your locker. Bang. Cling. Ting. You closed your locker with a loud tick coming from your lock. TICK. You look up from your backpack and see a menacing looking man in front of you. He had long brown hair and eyes that glowed the color of crimson red. In his hand was a sharp blade. He ran to you gabbing the blade into arm. You let out a yelp of pain and then..........
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! yeah...what did you guys think of this one? Post in the comments. Personally, I think this is my favorite one so far.

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