You're Fantasy part 3

Okay...once again I have to put another stupid paragraph. Okay, as I said, for the first quizzes I will introduce one character at a time and then I will get on to the plot! :)

Another paragraph...Okay then, here is part 3. Hope you guys love them as much as I love making them! Hugs and tickles to all of you sunshines who take my quizzes! I

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  1. It's now Friday. Darien and Sebastian have bonded. They like the same band, 100 Monkeys, so that's good to know. You three are know in the cafeteria and you bought a nice cool carton of orange juice. You were just sitting on the table watching Sebastian draw a rose. Darien was resting his head on the table.
  2. You were just about to fall asleep (u know cuz it is morning) but light reflected from the cafeteria entrance and flashed you. The person who was walking in had messy chocolate brown hair and light blue-ish purple eyes.
  3. You knew who that guy was. His name is Macon and he is known to be quiet and a little short tempered. It has been rumored that his family got killed in a house fire accident. People say that he used to be cheerful until that happen and since then he has never been the same. People hardly see him smile and they actually fear him. Macon was also caught in that accident so he has burn marks that are now scars on his arms.
  4. Macon walked by you, Sebastian and Darien. You were just about to jump off from the table but when you did you threw your juice out too and it hit Macon, getting juice all over his shirt. "What the heck!" he yelled in anger. YOu panicked "Oh, my gosh I am so sorry. Um, I'll go get a na-" "Just...forget about it." He said while trying to lower his temper. Darien behind was giving him a death glare. "Seriously, I am sorry." you apologized again. "I-it's...ok." he responded while trying to give a reassuring smile but you could still see that he was upset. He walked away and as soon as he left, Darien gently put his arm around yours in a protective way and went off to class along with Sebastian who was looking concerned at Darien.
  5. You were now at class and all you thought about was Macon. Which was weird. You were for sure thata he would have hurt you somehow but he didn't and that really surprised you. Also, why was Darien so...protective over you after Macon reassured you that it was okay. Forgive and forget is what you went by but apparently not Darien. Was there some other reason why he was like that. You train of focus was interrupted by an announcement on the intercom "________, please come to the office. We have your gym bag." You look down to where you're bags are and you realized that you left your bag at the cafeteria. You left the classroom and headed to the office.
  6. You walked into the office and froze where you stood for Macon was also at the office. He was sitting in the waiting area. He took a quick glance at you and looked down to the ground."_______, here's your bag." the lady from the desk said while handing out your bag. You took it and walked out but stayed behind the wall to here why Macon was there. You heard the front desk lady say...
  7. "Macon, why do you keep on breaking school property?" she scolded. There was a long silence. Macon didn't respond. "First the water fountain, then the principle's window, and now a fellow student's locker." she continued. "Sorry ma'am." Macon apologized. "That isn't going to help, I am giving you 2 Saturday detentions." she said.
  8. You heard light footsteps and a shadow was showing from the office. You quickly turned around and pretended to be opening your locker even though it wasn't yours. He walked by you and was now in front of you. He kept on walking not paying attention to you, he passed by a student's locker that was severely dented in the middle. You gasped lightly and you ran up to him. "Um...are you okay?" you asked cowering a little bit. He stopped walking abruptly and turned to you.
  9. "I guess..." he lied. You looked down thinking on what to say. You saw that he was starting you lightly walk away. "No wait!" you yelled and you grabbed his arm. You were shocked by what you did. "...I am sincerely sorry about what happened at the lunch room." you said while looking down and letting you're hair droop onto your fair.
  10. You felt a light hand rest on your head. Your eyes widened and you lifted up your face. You realized that tears of sorrow were running on your cheek. He lightly smile and brushed a tear off your cheek. It was strange, all of your sad emotions abruptly turned happy. "Like I said _________, it's okay." He said. You let go of you grip on Macon's arm and you blushed a little bit. Macon walked away giving you one last glance. Your eyes follow him as he walks away.
  11. Okay guys! who do you like so far??
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