Goodbye...part 6

My head hurts...Okay so do you like Chris or Brad. Chris is quite mysterious, while Brad is like a normal guy. But is Brad hiding something like Chris?

My head hurts...Okay so do you like Chris or Brad. Chris is quite mysterious, while Brad is like a normal guy. But is Brad hiding something like Chris?

Created by: singin234

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  1. I shield my eyes from the sun, as it shines on my face. I don't think I will ever be a fan of the sun. I quickly pulled the coves off me and rested my feet on the cold floor. Last night seemed clear to me but it also made me wonder. Last night Ashley had been acting like she liked Chirs. Firstly she wore something un-classy to dinner when she knew Chris was going to be there. Two, she kept butting in when I was around Chris and always wanted to listen to what we say. Lastly she kept staring at him while eating dinner. Does Ashely like Chris? I shake the thought off and get dressed for school.
  2. "Rosella" yelled some voices. I looked over to see Kacela, Violet, Aria and Kiara. They waved at me. I slightly smiled at them, I really didn't want to deal with them. My head already hurts and Kiara might drag me to another guy. I guess that wouldn't be that bad. I stared making my way over to them. "Rosella" I male voice called my name. I snapped my head around to see Brad. He came running up to me, "how are you" He asked when he arrived in front of me. "Okay, I have been better" I told him thinking of yesterday. He nodded and handed me a scrap of paper. My heart stared beating faster. Did Brad really not like me. I slowly unfolded the scrap of paper to see a phone number. "Call me if you want to talk sometime" Brad told me and ran off to his friends. He waved to me as he ran, I waved back and went per to the girls. "What was that" Aria asked staring at me. I think she forgave me for what happened yesterday. "umm..." I said nervously, this wall all Kiara's doing. She leave me with him. "I left you with him for awhile and now you have him drooling all over you" Kiara told me shaking her head side to side smiling. Violet laughed "Come on Aria and Rosella. We will be late for class" She told us. We said bye to each other and went to class. "So did you meet Chris yesterday" Aria asked me. I nodded, "Yeah" I told her wanting to drop the topic. Aria dropped it, I was glad. I didn't want to talk, think or see Chris. Then I almost slapped my head, Ashley, Jess and Chris are in my frist class with me. I frowned, this was going to be great...just great.
  3. I sat behind Chris next to Ashley, I could see her staring at the back of Chris's head. "Rosella" The teacher snapped, I put my head up. "Yes" I asked I wasn't really listening. "Could you please take Mr Willson to the office and make sure he dosent cut" I nodded and stood up waiting for Chris. He walked right past me and I slowly walked after him. "Hey, what's your problem" I said running up to Chris who was ahead of me. We stopped in the middle of the hall, "nothing what's yours," he asked. I must of looked surprised because he went on. "Hanging around with the Brad guy. He is bad news" Chris told me in a serious tone. I laughed and leaned back on the wall. "Oh and your better" I asked him daringly. He put his arm of the wall beside me and leaned close. "Yeah I am" He told me, our lips were almost touching. "So your saying you want to date me mr Willson" I asked him softly but still daringly. He smirked "Maybe someday Miss Mayson but I think the office lady is waiting for us" He told me leaning back and putting his arm down. He stared walking to the office, I smiled and run after him. Like a little puppy casing a ball, but everytime the puppy gets close the ball rolls faster.
  4. I walked with Chris to the office. The lady smiled at him warmly, "Have you been cutting class" She asked nicely. Maybe she was hoping the answer would be no. "Yes," Chris amited. It shocked me but she seemed to keep smiling. "I am sorry Sandy" The 'old' office lady just kept smiling. Something was going on, this is just too weird!! "Back to class Rosella, you don't want to be late" Said the office lady. This wasn't the lady who had been nice to me. "What happened to the other lady, Sandra" I asked, I had peeked at her name tag. "She died last night, murder" Sandy told me putting on a sad look. The she smiled "Have a good day" I turned and walked out. This wasn't happened, Sandra was the Nice office lady who felt sorry for me but now she is gone. I put my hand over my mouth, tears steamed down my face and My hand stopped the cries coming out too loudly. In my head I laughed, I was crying over an office lady that I never knew. I shook my head and wiped my tears. I almost forgot about the weirdness in Sandy...almost.
  5. "Rosella. Rose-lla. R-os-ell-a" Kiara said trying to get to look at her. I am spacing out. I can't believe that lady Sandy, she was acting like she liked Chris. Okay maybe she wasn't that old. She looked about 24 or maybe 20. Long sandy blond hair, a long pointy nose, green dull eyes. "Witch" I said out loud feeling proud. That's what Sandy is a Witch. I smiled to him then shook my head. I am so tried I have gone hyper. "Rose you alright" Kacela asked me. It was lunch, I turned to face Kacela. "Yeah, I am okay. Just tried..." I told them and then I mumbled "and hyper" That Sandy girl is too werid. Would Chris even go out with an older women? Would be go out with Ashley? I put my head on the table and sighed. No food with infront of me, luckily. Why do I care who Chris dates? "I hate school" I mumbled loud so the girls could hear. Violet giggled "Come on what happened" She asked cheerfully. I think I like Chris. That's what's happening okay Violet!! I screamed in my head. "Nothing" I said and walked outside. I didn't trip on the way out. But I stumbled once I got to the tree I was at yesterday. I wasn't even thinking where I was going, I just ended up at the tree. Then I sighed, I forgot I don't have anyone to go to. Well I guess it's okay being alone. I thought and lent my back on the tree. Then I slowly slid down until I was sitting. I tightly hugged my arms. "Hey Rose, what's wrong" A voice asked. I looked up to see...
  6. Brad. I smiled at him "hey" I said as he st beside me. "So what's up" He asked me smiling. He was so friendly and Chros said he was bad news! Should I of listened to Chris? "Nothing, just thinking" I told me, that was true. "Let me It's me right," He said jokingly. I laughed along with him "Just kidding. So what's wrong" He asked growing serious. You want to know what's wrong, I think I like Chris. But Chris is driving me out of my mind, no really I can't get him out of my head. But somepart of me likes you, I really don't know what I want you so nice. I thought in my head, I didn't say it out loud. "I am fine" I told him fake smiling. Brad smiled "Of you say so. I have to go but don't forget to call me" He told me. I nodded "okay" I told him feeling alittle better. "Oh and Rosella," Brad said whispering in my ear "Don't hang around Chris. He is bad news" Then before I could ask Brad why, he was gone and walking away. I was shocked, in one day two guys told me to stay away form one another. Chris wanted me to stay away from Brad. Brad wanted to stay away from Chris. I already know Chris is bad news.I can feel it but Chris is the best bad new life has ever given me.
  7. That's the end of part 6!
  8. That's the end of part 6!
  9. Okay thank you for all your comments!! I made this part longer, sorry part 5 was so short! To make it up to you keep reading to find about why chris's fake uncle said magical!
  10. "Magical" I asked. What did he mean magical, like fallen angle, angle, vampire, werewolf, Witch, elf and other things. My fake uncle who's name is Fred nodded "Maybe she is the key" Fred told me. The key..."but she could also destroy the world and everything" I blurted out. Rosella wouldn't do that...would she. If all the power goes to her head maybe. "Yes, I know. We should fear Rosella but her sister Ashley could also be the key. We don't know what one is the key" Fred said calmly. "So one of them is evil and the other is good. Are they the lost twins" I asked Fred. He nodded "Maybe but maybe not. We don't know for sure, so be careful Chris," I nodded. The lost twins, if they are one of them is evil. Is it Rosella or Ashley? As much as Ashley can be horriable, I don't imagen her as evil. But I can't imagen Rosella to be evil. "Chris, remember they might not the the lost twins" Fred calmed me down. I just hope in the end, the world is still alive.

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