Noitect is Activated Part Six {Aria's}

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Okay, so I finally posted up part six in Noitect is Activated. Why did I even come up with this? Because I like supernatural things. I love the first series by Kelly Armstrong and when I'm done with this, I'm going to do a series like hers x

Well, I hope you like it and please tell me who is your favourite guy character. There isn't many but please choose. Thank you, you wonderful potato-heads.

Created by: Aria
  1. I went downstairs and saw Derek with an angry face. He asked, "Who's that boy in your bed?" Holy s---, I'm screwed now, I thought. Biting my lip, I decided to act dumb, "Excuse me?" He repeated, "Who.Is.That.Boy.In.Your.Bed?" I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Derek, there's no guy in my bed and even if there was, what can you do about it? Throw me out? Abuse me?" He looked scandalous and I have to admit, he was pretty convinced now. *Phew. I can't believe I pulled that off but I just hoped Draco got out of there quick. I got my bag and head out the door, only to see a smiling Stefan on my porch. I questioned, "What's up smiley?" He laughed, "Oh, nothing really. Just listening to you being in trouble for having a guy in your bed." I playfully hit him across the head, "I didn't get in trouble, smarty-pants. I covered up my little problem, don't you worry." He shrugged, "Okay, if you say so but I wouldn't get your hopes up high." Scoffing, I walked out the porch and into the road.
  2. Today I was feeling a bit blissful, knowing that I got away with the Draco thing. I wore a black shorts and a black and red tank top that said, "˜I love haters.' =) Awesome right? I looked at Stefan and said, "This is way out of the blue but I was thinking, maybe later, you, Achilles, Cleona and I could go to that restaurant just a street away from my house?" He scratched his head, "Erm...Dav, you sure you wanna do this?" I nodded; assuring him everything will be alright. He accepted and we ended up reaching to school within minutes. As I was drawing closer to the lockers, I saw Cleona pushing Achilles against a wall and crashing her lips onto his. She was wearing a short skirt and a strapless top. I stopped in my tracks, unsure of what I was supposed to do next. Achilles' hand ran down her back to her waist and she bit his bottom lip, seductively. Tears sprang to my eyes, as I headed towards the girls' bathroom. I shut the door and cried my eyes out. I brought this upon myself didn't I? "Davina, you're stronger than this," I told myself. After a few minutes, I came back to my senses and went through the school day without any problems. The week past me like the wind and this afternoon was Marcus' party.
  3. For a Saturday, the weather was perfect. The sun shone brightly upon us and the birds chirped in the sky. I looked out my window and saw kids from school, going to Marcus' party. Damn. I had nothing to wear, unless you count some jeans and really old tops. I needed to shop but I had no one to go shopping with. It was already 11:23a.m. and I'm still at home. I got my stuff and headed out the door. Guess where I was going? To the mall. Yep, me. Davina Sparks is finally going to the mall but I'm going alone, so it sucks. Haha. I didn't have a car and I wasn't going to ask Derek so I continued walking down my street. Suddenly, I heard a car honked behind me, "HONK!" I turned back, only to see Marcus slowing down. When he stopped, he asked me, "You're not coming to my party this afternoon?" I smirked, "What if I don't?" He shrugged, "Your choice but it would've been great to have you there. But where are you going now?" I shifted uncomfortably in my flats, "To the Mall." He scoffed, "Rightt...I'm serious Sparks." I rolled my eyes, "So am I, Bolt." He smiled, "Well why don't you go with me? I'm going to pick up some drinks and since you're going, we can go together?"
  4. I shrugged, "Whatever then" and got into his car. The ride was awfully silent and I could sense that Marcus wasn't really a conversation starter. Looking to break the awkward silence, I asked, "So what's up with you and Cleona?" He raised his eyebrows and looked at me, "What's up with us?" I questioned, "Well I wouldn't know because you two aren't together anymore. Isn't she with Achilles now?" He replied, "So what?" I smirked, "Isn't it bugging you?" He ran a finger through his hair, "No..." I scoffed, "Yeah right." He took his eyes off the road for a second and looked into mines, "That's not bugging me but something else is" and he turned back.
  5. What was that supposed to mean? I'm not gonna be pushy and ask the guy what's harassing him, it's his problem if he doesn't want to tell me. It's kind of weird though, being in his car, having a conversation with him. The thing is, Marcus Bolt and I, never really liked each other. I hated his perfect black hair, and his gorgeous green eyes that had a hint of black in them but look at us now, in the same freaking car. It wasn't so bad was it? I have to admit, Marcus has grown a lot; he got his amazing six pack of abs and muscular arms. His smile was one of those rare ones that any girl could fall for and it killed me a year ago when he felt he can get any girl he wants. His life was perfect; or so I thought. His family was awesome. They had one kid: him, and they loved him. They were the rich type of parents that would volunteer for anything. I was too deep in my thoughts to realize we had arrived at the mall until Marcus said, "Yo, Princess, we're here." I blinked and laughed. He opened my door for me, like the gentleman I always hated he was. LOL, look at me describing how I hated this guy. He asked, "So Sparks what were you thinking of?" I replied, "You." His eyes lit up like fireworks, "Seriously?" I smirked, "No, you bum." He playfully hit my shoulders and asked what I came in the mall for so I just told him the truth.
  6. His eyes widen, "You're actually coming?" I replied, "Yes, now can you find me something to wear?" He shrugged, "it would be kinda cool if you wore my football jersey and a shorts." I smiled, "Seriously?" He assured me it was okay so we just picked up the drinks and went back to house. His house was huge and it was painted in a yellowish-goldish colour. LOL, it was amazayn. He led me into the house and his mother smiled, "Hi, I'm Mrs Bolt." I nervously said, "I-I'm Davina Sparks." She smiled and said, "Oh, Marcus told me about you"”" She stopped. I guessed Marcus gave her that "˜stop-talking-now' look. I laughed and Marcus showed me to his room. "Wow," I said in awe. His room was huge. There were two beds, both king size, and the room was painted a rich brown. I asked, "Why is there two beds, Marcus?" He replied, "Oh, just for a guest or my girlfriend. But I don't have a girlfriend so it's for anyone." I smiled at him and he gave me his football t-shirt to wear. I took a bath and changed into his football t-shirt. I asked, "we'll swim right?" He nodded and we went downstairs. (A/N: It's boring, I know.) People were starting to walk in and the girls shot me dirty looks. Seeing that, Marcus reacted instantly. He crashed my lips onto his and obviously, kissed me. I felt butterflies in my stomach so I let the kiss go on for long. When we pulled apart, some guys were standing there, looking at me like "what the hell did Marcus just do, she's ugly." In those guys, I spotted Tristen. He was in shock. I gaped at him, rage and hurt bubbling in my stomach. He turned away and walked with the guys. The party was going on and girls were throwing themselves at Stefan who completely ignored them. Marcus whispered in my ear, "Do me a favour and act like my girlfriend for the day, please."
  7. I smiled, "Sure" and planted a deep kiss on his lips and sat on the edge of the pool. Since I'm sixteen, I can have a little drink right? (Audience: NO WAY! Davina: WAY!) Tristen sat next to me, "Davina, why didn't you answer my texts or anything?" I rolled my eyes, "I don't answer to liars and concealers." Puzzled, he asked, "What?" I scoffed, "Don't play dumb Rezagrats." He bowed his head in shame, "How did you find out?" I folded my arms and looked him in the eyes, "I have sources. Now, why did you lie and said you cared about me?" He said, "I DO care about you. I'm not with my father; I think he's a jerk. Please, Dav. Believe me." I said simply, "No" and walked off to the bar table. I saw the regret in his eyes but I couldn't be bothered about that right now.
  8. I got a smoothie and was walking with it until someone spilled it all over me. When I looked up, the girl was already walking away to her friend, giggling. Who the hell was her and what did she do that for? I shrugged it off and called Marcus. He said, "Don't you have a bathing suit under that?" I shook my head. He said, "Ah, well you're gonna have to put on another t-shirt of mines." It was fun, wearing Marcus' t-shirts. It smelt of peppermint, which I had a strong attraction to. Anyway, the last thing I remembered was drinking my coke.
  9. I woke up in Marcus' bed, with only ANOTHER t-shirt of his. Next to me laid Marcus. I screamed, "WHAT THE FUDGECAKES?!" Marcus got up, rubbing his eyes and said, "Chill your panties. Nothing happened. Besides, WHAT did happen with you yesterday?" I looked at him, wide- eyed. "What do you mean, Marcus?" I asked, seriously. He shrugged, "You were a lot of fun. First, you started singing Teenage Dream, then switch to Live While We're Young and you pulled me on the table and made me sing Just A Kiss. In the end of that song, we had a make out session. From then, I knew you were drunk so I brought you upstairs, changed your clothes and put you to sleep." I asked, "What did Achilles say?" He rolled his eyes and groaned, "Davina, I don't know and I don't care." "Okay well what DID happened to me? All I drank was a coke." Marcus asked me if I thought it was spiked. I really couldn't answer that question. It was already noon so I told Marcus I was going home. He said, "Let me drive you." I didn't bother to change so still in his t-shirt, I jumped into his car. As I arrived home, I saw a strange black car and Derek with some strange man on the front porch. Marcus and I stepped out of the car and I walked up to Derek, "What's going on?" Derek explained, "Davina, this man said he's one of those investigators who take intelligent children to solve cases." I was confused, "Okay." Derek laughed, "You don't get it do you?" I shook my head and he continued, "He wants you, Achilles, Stefan, Cleona and Marcus to investigate something." I said, "You're kidding right? I can't leave school now." The man interrupted, "Ms Sparks, it would be such an honour to have you investigate this. I hear you're really into sciences and investigating things." I asked, a bit too rudely, "What's your name?" He said, "Reza..." I finished, "Grats?" He said, "What? No no, it's Reza. Dr Edis Reza." I scoffed, "I'm not coming and neither are my friends. Get some other kids to come with you. Now, find yourself to your car and leave."
  10. He shot me a dirty look and said, "You'll see your fate soon, Sparks." I just stood there in Marcus' arms while he left. Marcus asked, "Davina, what was that about?" Seeing as though Derek was right there, I didn't answer him. I simply said, "Just wait a while, I have to bathe." I led him inside the house. As I went into the shower, the warm water made me think, how did Rezagrats' brother find my house? When I was finished, I went downstairs and said, "Derek, can you get some ice-cream for me? I'm really feeling for it." He said, "Sure." When I heard his car pulled out of the garage, I said, "Call Stefan, Achilles and Cleona. I need to make sure they're safe. I have a lot of explaining to do and you're not going to believe it." As I said that, the doorbell rang. Tristen along with Stefan, Achilles, Cleona and Tony Starks were standing outside my house. Starks asked, "What the hell is going on? Noitect's safety button rang off."

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