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  • This was pretty fun, the only request I have is I would've liked to see more of the party. Other than that this part was pretty fun. Marcus is making a good impression on me now, although I still like Stefan a bit better... mainly because he likes Shakespeare too (seriously, it's so hard to find a guy who likes classic literature... yeah I have high expectations, deal with it *snaps*) Although Marcus has the redeeming quality of being considerate of others, also being witty and handsome doesn't hurt either. He's in second place for me, but people will probably think differently of him. I'm confused is Tristen Rezagrats or is that invesigative guy Rezagrats? I like Tristen too, but I'm keeping my distance because I'm not 100% sure about him. Hopefully we'll get some answers, and what's going on with the safety button? Was it Draco again? ugh troublemaker... well best case scenario Draco's being a pest, worse case scenario... there's going to be trouble with the Zandoid. Hopefully it's not the latter... hopefully... PEACE OUT!

    Missy Prissy Cat
  • Whoa, I just realized we have a lot of guy interests... and I'm not complaining ;)

    but with that, I just can't choose XD except Achilles, if you think you're going to get

    me to go with you by making me jealous, it won't work, mister... I'll just hang out

    with you new girlfriend's ex... heyyy Marcus XP I like how I hated him for being so

    perfect ._. he actually seems like a good guy though :3 I don't know, I'll see in the

    next awesome part which will hopefully come soon because you're amazing and

    will continue writing because you are good at it. (See what I did there? ;P)

  • Hey b----! How would you like it if I spilled my drink over your fake boyfriend's shirt?! You wouldn't would you? Daaaaamn,now that's what I call drunk. No wait, you should've seen my uncle at my little cousin's b-day party XD

  • Oops, that did not copy over right from notepad o.O

  • Tristen is Rezagrats son and the man who came to take us to "investigate" is Lortnoc Rezagrat's brother. Get it? :)


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