Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 1

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Hey everyone! Just another quiz by me! Those of you who've read my other quizzes probably hate me right now, for the fact that I haven't put out a quiz for those in a REALLY long time, but I'm sorry! *hides behind laptop from angry mob of fans* I have a HUGE case of writers block, but I'll work on it!

This is your first year at Hogwarts, and you're transfering in with your friend Zan. You're in third year, you're 13 (duh), and you're birthday is July 8. I want to thank Natuhleegayle and HogwartsLove for being the reason I made these =) Love your quizzes!

Created by: _ViolaLover_
  1. I listened to the rain pattering against the window, silence filling the compartment I was in. I was currently on my way to Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it will be my first year attending it, but I'll be going in as a third year. My family and I moved to England after my dad got a job transfer to the Ministry of Magic here. I transferred from the school of Cresco-named from the Latin word to grow. In that school, we started learning magic when we were eight-three years before this school. I was placed at the equivalent of a sixth year, but I decided I wanted to enjoy my childhood while I had it. Besides, there's always something new to learn! The border line that separates the school boundaries goes right through the middle of my house, so I got to choose if I went to Hogwarts or Beauxbaton. I chose Hogwarts because I thought it sounded more fun; my brother Jake (I'm a triplet-but my sister and mom died in a car crash two years ago) decided to go to Durmstrang, because I have cousins that go there.
  2. I glanced up to my best friend Zandra (everyone calls her Zan) who was staring at me with her big blue eyes slightly hidden by her silky brown hair. I love Zan to death. We've known each other since we were born. I'm not even joking when I say that; we were born on the same day, in the same hospital. My dad has pictures of us lying next to each other in the nursery. Her family moved here the same time mine did, because both of our dads got job transfers. Her brother goes to Durmstrang with my brother; they're as close as Zan and I are. I glanced back down to the words I was writing in my journal. My journal wouldn't make any sense to anyone else but me, because I only right words, or random sentences in here. I used to keep a "Dear Diary..." type of thing, but I got lazy so now I only write words. I glanced back up at Zan again, who was still staring at me. I sighed and shut my journal, marking my place with my index finger. "What?" I asked her. "I'm trying to read your mind," she replied like it was the most normal thing in the world. I laughed and hit her with my book before returning to writing in it.
  3. At that moment, there's a knock at our compartment door. A slightly chubby boy with greenish gray eyes and brown hair pokes his head in. "He-hello, do you mind if we sit here? Everywhere else is full," he asks. You see a blond headed girl peaking over his shoulder with a dreamy look on her face. "Sure," I say cheerfully, happy to meet some new people. I scooted all the way over to the window to make room for the new comers. The boy sat beside me and the girl sat by Zan. "I'm _______," I introduced myself. "I'm Zan," my friend chimed in. "Nice to meet you, I'm Neville," the boy said. "This is Luna," he continued, gesturing to the girl adjacent to me. "I don't think I've seen you around before so am I blind or are you transfers?" Neville asked laughing a little. I grin at him, "No, you're not blind, we're transfers." "We come from Cresco in America," Zan added. "I heard about that school, all the witches and wizards are supposed to be really advanced," Luna says thoughtfully. We just shrugged. "So do you have to go up in the boats like the first years, get sorted with them?" Neville asks. "Yeah, but oh well. I mean, who doesn't like being put on the spot?" I say sarcastically. Everyone laughed and we went on our merry way, until I decided to go changed into my robes.
  4. I was walking to the back of the train when I came to a particularly narrow section. There was a very tall seventh year boy coming towards me. I moved to one side just as he did, and ended up on the same side as him. "Sorry," we both said at the same time. I went to the right, and so did he. I went to the left, and so did he. I went back to the right and-you guessed it-so did he. I laughed a little and he grinned and moved aside for me. "Ladies first," he said politely. "Thanks." "I'm Oliver." "_____" "I'm sorry, but I can't place your accent, where are you from?" he asks curiously. "America," I replied. "Hmmm, I would have thought I would have noticed such a pretty girl with an accent before," he says, a smile playing at his lips. I slightly blushed at that comment and said, "I'm a transfer, so that's why you haven't seen me before." He nodded thoughtfully, and I just waved and walked back to my compartment. On the way there, I saw my only other person I knew here, Hermione. I popped my head in her compartment and said, "Hey Hermione!" She straightened up. "Hey _____!" She exclaimed while giving me a hug. There were two boys in the compartment staring at me. One had black hair and piercing green eyes, and one was a freckled red head. I waved at them, and they grinned at me. "I'm Harry," the one with black hair said. "I'm Ron," the other one added. "I'm ____, in case you didn't catch it. And I've got to go, see ya around!" I called over my shoulder, dancing out of their compartment on the way to mine.
  5. "ALL FIRSTYEARS FOLLOW ME!" I heard yelled. I looked over to see a very large man ushering small 11 year olds the opposite way of the rest of the students. "I guess that means us, by Neville, bye Luna!" I said, starting towards the man with Zan. "Bye guys!" I heard Neville reply as we approached him. "Hi, I'm _____ and" "and I'm Zan," Zan interrupted. "We're transfers, so we were told to go with you?" I ended in a question. "Oh yes! Dumbledore told me about you, he did! I'm Hagrid; you get to ride in the bigger boat with me, instead of the tiny little things all of our first years get. Follow me!" He said as we trailed obediently behind. We waded through the little first years and waited for Hagrid so we could start towards our new home.
  6. "Attention, please!" I heard a voice that belonged to an older woman shout. She was standing at the front of the hall we were standing in, with a long scroll in her hands. "I am going to read off names alphabetically, and when I do you must go sit upon the stool in the front of the room. I will place the sorting hat on your head, and it will promptly tell us which house you belong in. We will start with our transfers! Zandra Blaknesk and _______ Bonor come forward." All of the eyes of the new comers turned to you. It was kind of obvious you were the transfers-being about a foot taller than anyone there. I followed Zan up to the woman, and waited right outside the doors and listened to what was being said. We heard what sounded like an old man say, "And now, on to the sorting! This year, we have two students originally from the school Cresco who are now transferring in to join our growing family of eager learners. We will be starting with them, to see which lucky house gets these two wonderful students! Professor McGonagall, the floor is yours." "Thank you Professor Dumbledore. Zandra Blaknesk, come forward!"
  7. The doors opened, and I smirked at Zan for having to go first. She walked up past all the students looking on, as I anxiously watched. She sat down on the small stool, and of course her feet reached the ground while most of these first years' would probably dangle. The hat spoke. "Hmmm, tuff one you are, but not the hardest I've come upon. SYLTHERIN!" The table full of students wearing green and silver cheered very loudly, and Zan winked at me before going on to sit in an open seat. "_______ Bonor!" McGonagall called. I walked forward passing all the curious eyes, meeting the gaze of a few people-Oliver, Hermione, Neville, Harry, Ron, and then Luna-Luna looked sort of out of it. I sat down on the stool and the hat was placed on my head. The hall was silent as they waited for the reaction from it. "Hmmm, curious," it said, and then went back to being silent. "You are very well balanced" I heard in my head. "You could be in any one of these houses, but one truly needs the help of a kind heart with a sneaky and smart mind along with an outgoing personality. I know what to do now." "Never before have I come across a more balanced person!" the sorting hat roared. "You could belong in anyone of these houses. HOWEVER you shall go to...SLYTHERIN!" There was a loud eruption from my new house, even louder than it was for Zan. The hat was taken off of my head and I went to join my new family while meeting the saddened gazes of the friends I had made on the train. I through them an apologetic smile as I settled into the seat beside Zan.
  8. The pale blond boy sitting to the left of me turned and gave me a smirk before offering his hand. "I'm Draco, Draco Malfoy." I took it and replied, "I'm _______ Bonor, well I guess you already know that much." His smirk got slightly bigger and nodded. "So Cresco huh? Isn't that like an extremely fancy advanced school?" I shrugged, "Sort of. We just started when we were eight instead of eleven. Here I'm the equivalent of a sixth year." He tilted his head, intrigued. "So why are you only in third year?" "Well, I just wanted to spend the rest of my school life as a kid, with people my age. Besides, here you can't become a legal wizard until you're 17, so what's the point of graduating early?" He graduated from a smirk to a full grin. "Touché." We continued chatting until the sorting was done, but when the food came onto the table the person on the other side of him claimed his attention so I tuned into the conversation Zan was having with the girl next to us.
  9. "-and the classes are really easy. Well, for those of us who pay attention of course!" This girl had dark brown hair and green eyes, she was slightly shorter than me, and she just noticed me. "Oh, you're _____! I'm Kimberly, but just call me Kim! I think you guys are rooming with me! This is Jennica, but just call her Jen," she said, gesturing to the caramel haired girl across from me. She smiled at me, and I said, "Geez am I the only one without an abbreviated name?" The three of them laughed. After dinner, you followed the crowd of first years to the entrance of the Slytherin common rooms, which happened to be a brick wall. Go figure. The prefects were handing out lists that night so we didn't have to get them in the morning. I ended up in line behind a black haired girl who was the same height as me. She turned around to face me with a not-so-friendly face and accused, "You were the one talking to Draco, weren't you?" I looked at her, slightly bemused. "Um, yeah...why?" She took a step closer and said, "You stay away from him, he's mine!" "You know, the last time I checked, he was a living being, and he doesn't "belong" to anyone. And I'm going to guess he can make his own choices of who he hangs out with." She looked infuriated, but it was her turn to receive her schedule. She grabbed it from the person's hands and stalked up to the dormitory.
  10. I accepted my schedule, and it was as followed: Transfiguration, Astronomy, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Herbology, and Ancient Runes. I grinned, I LOVED Ancient Runes! And I'm surprisingly good and Astronomy. I walked up to Zan, who got her schedule ahead of me. We have everything together but potions. That's neat. We went up to our room-which we were sharing with Jen, Kim, and three girls named named Lexis, Sarah, and Hally-and chose our beds. That night I fell asleep thinking about what an interesting year this will be.
  11. Thanks to everyone for taking my quiz! I've got school this week, but since I have Friday off I can probably make it then. Now just hit the submit button below me, rate, and comment!

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