Are You Really Beautiful?

Welcome everyone. To the BEAUTIFUL tester!! This quiz is made to make girls feel better about their appearance and know that they are beautiful!!! If you are sweet and spicy and your heart if gold, you are as beautiful as can be!

Well, what are you waiting for??? Take this accurate quiz don't be shy! I know there are many like mine out there but I hope this one will be the charm.

Created by: Jinny
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Describe your facial features. Eyes first.
  2. Your skin:
  3. Your hair:
  4. How do you treat your hair?
  5. How much make-up do you use?
  6. How much do you care about your looks?
  7. How much friends do you have? Boyfriend?
  8. Pick your self-confidence rating now.
  9. What is your dress style?
  10. Do you like vampire and werewolves?
  11. Would you help someone you disliked if they asked for it?
  12. Would you be kind to someone who is different (loner, emo, wierdo)
  13. Ok. Do you like sliiy bands, uggs, teddy bears, and angry birds,
  14. How many boyfriends have you had?
  15. Do you like OneDirection, Justin Bieber, Jonas Broths?
  16. Do you want to comment? Can you? Will you rate???
  17. Thank you so much for taking this quiz it means a lot to me!!! I tried to make results as accurate as possible!
  18. R you going to comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I Really Beautiful?