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  • I got 42% lol,can you make your results less harsh? Like,bish im brushing my teeth after i eat anything. And i don't think i need a plastic surgery. My self confidence goes up and down,but i know that im beautiful. To all girls out there, don't depend on this test,you're more beautiful than what this result says.

  • You're really judgmental sweetie... I hope when you grow up you would be more tolerant and kind or you'll suffer... Because obviously it will be better looking person who will make you feel like s---, and no one would comfort since you're actually a b----... :-[

    Think about that !

  • Omg! I got 20% and I'm stick thin. Everyone tells me I'm beautiful and I'm not going to let that ruin my self confidence. I've had boyfriends in the past and wherever I go, there's a few boys that will stare.

    Sorry if this is a bit rude but its true.

  • I'm honestly not too sure about that quiz, I got over half but I think that the answers are a bit harsh. People say I'm pretty, so I sort of agree with them, but all people should think that they are beautiful in some way.

  • Your so mean! I got 64% and you said I'd look better if I begged for money on the streets and smeared butter on my face. For your information I think I look pretty. Next time, be less harsh with your results.

  • Nice quiz. :) I enjoyed taking it. You might want to try and make the results a bit kinder, though. I mean, I'm not overly bugged by them, but some people might take offense.

  • you know what I don't care what you say! Everybody says I'm pretty and I think I am too! Everyone should think that they are pretty! No, wait they ARE pretty :)

  • First of all, I got %48. I get that. I do. But as for the question asking do I brush my teeth? Yes. No, I have no distortion. Thanks for that spurt of judgement, I'm fine with natural beauty.

  • You would annoy my civics teacher. He thinks everyone is beautiful, and I agree!!! He really believes in creative confidence.

  • its that old stuff ive seen beter quizzez i mean my face lights up u might wanna rephrase that them quizzes i mean bleh oblisuly cut the cake for aa example just b proud though u r preety preetier then me wait no i am kidding every 1 will love u sweetheart

  • This quiz is not about natural beauty. It just has stuff about makeup. Why would I wear makeup? (btw I'm 8)

  • you are just a little brat that's all. You can talk to my mother.

  • only 38% and proud of it ^_^


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