Hogwarts From A Snake's Eye Pt. 4

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Hello people of Gotoquiz! Welcome back to Hogwarts Through A Snake's Eye! I'm pretty proud of getting this out so soon. I know it doesn't seem like it was soon for you guys, but this has got to be a new record for me xD

SHOUT OUT TO HogwartsLove, the most amazing person in the world who made a shout out to all of her loyal fans, and also said the nicest thing about me not only there, but on the quiz I made to tell you guys that her thirteenth part came out when it did show up she spend about two comments talking about me. It's one of the nicest things anyone's ever said about me!

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  1. I was eating breakfast the next morning reading an amusing letter from my brother about his flying toad when Zan burst into the great hall sprinting down the Slytherin table shouting my name. “______ _______ _______ ______ ______ _______!” “WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT?” I shout back, ignoring the stares from everyone else-well the other 12 people who were actually AWAKE at 7:30 in the morning on a Sunday. “You’ll never guess what just happened to me!” she exclaims. I raised an eyebrow an asked, “Do you want the other people in the great hall to know, or just me?” She giggles and sits down beside me. “Now what happened to you?” “Well, I was walking here alone because SOMEONE decided they didn’t want to wait for me this morning, when Fred randomly pops out from behind a rug that was hanging on the wall. Apparently there’s a secret passage there, but ANYWAYS he was just flirting like he has been for this past week, and he asked me to go to Hogsmead with him on a double date on Saturday!” I wrinkle my eyebrows, confused. “I thought you didn’t like him,” I say. She looks down and twists the end of her hair around her finger. “Well, I guess he sort of got to me this week,” she says sheepishly. I laugh and shove her lightly. We both grab a green apple before getting up to go walk outside. “Wait a minute; you said it’s a double date. Who’s going with you?” She looked up at me sheepishly before opening her mouth to reply.
  2. “I sort of talked Hally into going with me.” I laughed aloud and said, “Thank gosh! I thought you might make me go with you! Do George and Hally even know each other?” She nods, “Yeah, she was usually around when Fred attempted to flirt with me, and she and George often talked before I dragged her away.” I grin at her and wave to our roommates as they go by on their way to breakfast. “You owe me Zan!” Hally calls out before she’s swept away from us in the mob of hungry students. I raise an eyebrow. “What DID you say to her?” I ask. Zan scratches her head and looks away. “I sort of pulled all of the cards on her to get her to come, including the “I stopped our roommates from dying your hair green” one.” I smiled, remembering that moment. Ah, good times.
  3. “Well we’re on our way to Hogsmead right now, right?” I ask her. “Well DUH! What else is there to do on a Sunday?” she replies. We stand in line waiting to hand our permission slips to Filch to check. “You know, this is quite down grading,” Zan comments. “How so?” I ask as I give Filch my slip. After both Zan and I get the okay, she replies, “Well TECKNICALLY we’re fully wizards, being that you become legal wizards at age 13 if you attended Cresco. Once you get the trace taken off of you, they can’t put it back on!” “Yeah I know, but I don’t really get why you just had to be 13 in America. You would think they would wait until people were more mature,” I comment. “Well, it IS an advanced school, I guess they figured that if you were there, you’re mature enough to handle the world,” Zan shrugs, then asks, “Is that Neville and Luna?”
  4. I squint ahead to see two students fiercely debating. As we drew closer we hear the girl say, “Nargles DO exist Neville! You see, it’s them messing with your mind right now, making you believe otherwise.” Neville let out a defeated sigh and said, “Okay Luna. Nargles exist.” “You know they do actually exist,” I say, surprising them both. Neville gives me a confused look while Luna looks triumphant. “You see! _______’s smart, she knows that they’re here!” I laugh and say, “Well of course they exist! Although I don’t know if there would be any here right now, they live mostly in mistletoe.” Now it’s Neville’s turn to look triumphant. “Oh well I suppose that’s true too,” Luna says, not bothered. We’ve reached town by now and we see a sign hanging that says “HogsHead.” Zan grabs my arm and points at it. “_____! That’s where Aborforth works! Let’s go say hi!” I shrug and wave goodbye to a confused Neville and a dreamy looking Luna.
  5. Zan and I walk around to the side entrance and knock. A scruffy looking man with piercing blue eyes opens the door and looks down upon us. A smile crinkles across his worn face as he recognizes us. “Zan! ______! I heard you were moving down here! Come on, it’s about time I took my break!” We followed our old friend down a hall and up some stairs to an old looking living room. He disappears for a moment, and then is by our side again offering us some butter beers. “Thanks Aborforth!” Aborforth and us go WAY back, he was in America for a short while, and we grew to be friends during that time. We talk about life, school, work, family and friends and two and a half hours go by without us noticing. We realize the time and decide we should get back to school. We bid Aborforth a friendly goodbye as we step outside into the cool autumn air. Immediately, I run into something invisible. “Ow!” I cry out, rubbing my head. “Sorry ‘bout that,” I hear a voice say. Harry’s head appears out of thin air. “Harry?” I ask. “What are you doing?” Zan asks. “I forgot to get my permission slip signed, so I snuck down here with my cloak. What were you guys doing in there?” “Just visiting a friend,” I say, distracted. I tug on Zan’s sleeve. “Come on, there’s our friends!” I say, watching our roomies go past the ally. “Bye Harry!” I call, rushing to catch up with them.
  6. Later that week, I’m at quidditch practice, listening to Flint rage on about a missing Draco. “This is so irresponsible! He’s lucky if I don’t kick him off the team for this!” he fumes. The man of the hour strides up to us now, with his arm in a sling. “Sorry Flint, a bloody hippogriff attacked me, I can’t play.” Flint stares at Draco, and then a smile spreads across his face. “Excellent! This gives us an excuse not to play this Friday! I heard the weather going to be nasty.” I stared at him in horror. “What do you mean? His arm should be fine by then!” Flint turned to me, glaring. “Do YOU want to play in the rain, Bonor?” I squared my shoulders and took a step closer to him. “It’s only fair,” I reply, my eyes narrow. “Too bad, Bonor. I’m the captain of this team, and what I say goes.” To the rest of the team he says, “Practice is over, let’s head back up. Unless, anyone else wants to say anything.” Some people looked like they wanted to say something, but when Flint turned his glare on them they fell silent. I turned on my heel and stalked past a regretful looking Draco. I shove my hands into my pocket after putting my broom away, walking ahead of my team. I met up with the Gryffindor team in the courtyard. I was going to go by without saying anything, ignoring the stares from my rival team, when I turned around suddenly. “I apologize for…them,” I say nodding towards my team, still infuriated. The Gryfinndors looked at me in confusion, as I didn’t elaborate before disappearing inside. I peer out a window and see Flint mocking them, bragging about us not having to play. I observed the players in maroon and gold stiffen, now understanding what I meant. I shook my head and turned away from the disgraceful sight, going to change clothes.
  7. In DADA the next day, Harry comes up to me and sits on my desk. I glance up from the text book I was studying, preparing for a quiz in Divination. “Hey ________,” he says, looking slightly uncomfortable. I give a half smile, not forgetting about yesterday. “Hey Harry.” He was silent for a moment, and then said, “My teammates were really surprised that you apologized yesterday.” I shrug, marking my place in my book with my index finger and closing it. “Flint’s reasoning is stupid and unfair, I hate it.” I say simply. “Yeah it is,” Harry agrees. Lupin comes in at that moment, and he has to get up. I ponder over what he said about his teammates being surprised that I apologized. I hated the fact that people assumed that all Slytherins were jerks. I sigh and focus back on the lesson.
  8. After dinner I was sitting on the hill overlooking the lake, writing in my journal when I heard a Scottish accented voice ask, “Is this seat taken?” I look up to Oliver, who has his hands in his pockets. I grin at him and say, “Sorry, that’s occupied by my imaginary friend Sally. This spots open though,” patting the ground to my left. He laughs and takes a seat. I flick my wand, making my quill and ink disappear. “Sorry about Flint being an unfair jerk, switching our match date,” I start off, getting the awkward moment out of the way. Oliver leans back on his hands, “It’s nice of you to apologize, it’s not like you can do anything about it though.” I shrug, copying his relaxed posture. “Yeah well, I still feel slightly responsible, he is MY captain, after all. “I think you would make a good captain,” he says, and your eyebrows shoot up. “You think?” He nods, and you both look out over the lake. “Thanks,” you finally say. You lay on your backs, gazing into the night sky. There’s a silence that’s not uncomfortable as you both look up, counting the stars. “Would you like to play the game of favorites?” He asks out of the blue. I roll my head over to find he was already watching me. “Um, sure if you tell me how,” I respond, slightly bewildered. “It’s simple; I ask a question, such as what your favorite color is. You answer it, and then I have to answer it too.” I bob my head and ask, “So, what’s your favorite color.” He grins at me. “Blue.” “That’s mine too!” I exclaim. His grin gets bigger. “Do you prefer dogs or cats?” he asks me. “Dogs, I’m allergic to cats,” I say, wrinkling my nose. “Really? I’m allergic to mice, that why I like cats.” I laugh, and we continue, asking each other random questions late into the night. Before I disappear down into my common room I give him a hug, surprising myself. He places his arms around me, and I rest my head on his shoulder. I don’t know how long we stand there, holding each other, but I eventually have to pull away as I hear Filch coming. He winks at me before running up the stairs, and out of sight of Filch who turned the corner. Luckily by then, I was already gone.
  9. It was Friday, and I was standing in the rain watching the Gryfinndors and Ravenclaws zoom around the quidditch pitch. I examined both teams, noting their weaknesses and strengths. Zan stood beside me, telling me things I missed. I wrote everything down in a journal, to bring up at next practice. Hey, they may be my friends, but I’m still competitive! We stood in-between the Ravenclaws and Gryfinndors, the neutral section. I cheered whenever each team made a point, before writing down who did it. I observed Oliver, who was a very diligent keeper. He did have a weak left side, and with people coming up from below him. I watched Harry, who seemed to continue in a pattern, looking for the snitch. That could be easily disrupted. Hmmmm….I cheered as Gryffindor scored another point. Harry and the Ravenclaw seeker darted off at the same time to an object that was impossible to see from here. The snitch. They were neck and neck, shoving each other, attempting to get ahead. Finally Harry caught the snitch, ending the game 310-60. I cheered along with the Gryfinndors, pleased that they one. As Zan and I walked down the stairs to the ground she asked me, “Gain any useful info?” I grinned at her and waved my notebook. “Sure did! Hey look, there’s Fred and George!” Zan ducked her head and scooted behind me, hiding herself from view of Fred.
  10. “Um, aren’t you going on a date with him, tomorrow?” I ask her, slightly amused. I step out of the river of students flowing by to turn and talk to her. “I’m not hiding from him; I’m hiding from his pickup lines! They’re terrible!” She exclaims. I laugh and then we hear the twins. “Hello Zan and _________!” “Hey Zan, know how much a polar bear weighs?” Fred asks. She shakes her head. “Enough to break the ice.” Zan groans and puts her head in her hands. I laugh and George shakes his head. “Even I know that was bad, brother dear.” This only makes me laugh harder. “Hmmmmm, okay how about this?” He turns to face Zan again. “Hey, see my friend over there?” He asks, pointing at an approaching Oliver. “Yeah?” “He wants to know if you think I’m cute.” I’m doubled over now, gasping for breath, right along with George. “Anyone want to share the joke?” Oliver asks, looking at an amused Zan. “Fred’s just failing to flirt with me,” she says, rolling her eyes. Fred pretends to look offended. “They aren’t that bad!” he defends himself. I wipe the tears out of my eyes and lean on Zan for support. George is still trying to control his laughter.
  11. “So great game you guys,” I comment, changing the topic. “You scared now?” George teases. “Yeah, do you think you can take us?” Fred asks, challenging me. “I think we’ve got a chance,” I reply, not giving away anything. “What are those?” Oliver asks, gesturing to the papers in my hand. “Notes,” I say. “Notes? Of what?” he asks confused. “The game.” They let this process in their mind for a moment. “Wait a minute that means” Fred starts. “That you wrote down stuff like who scored what?” “And,” Oliver says, understanding lighting up his eyes. “All of our strong points and weak points.” I start backing away, tugging on Zan’s sleeve. “Something like that,” I say casually. “Not any rules against observation.” They all look at each other. “GET THE NOTES!” The twins shout. Zan and I turn on our heels and sprint towards the castle. We hear the three Gryfinndors gaining behind us. So I wink at Zan then cast a spell that turns both of us into different looking people. We merge into the crowd, leaving behind stunned quidditch players. I laugh and continue on to my common room where I meet up with Zan.
  12. “Think they’re mad?” I ask, slightly worried. She tilts her head as we climb the stairs up to our dormitories. “I don’t think so. I think they were more impressed than anything, the fact that you came up with that idea. I groan as I reveal my latest thought. “I shouldn’t have said that, now they’re going to do the same! Or at least, Oliver will.” As we enter our room and grab dry robes to change into Zan says, “I think he was already going to make mental notes of your guys’ weaknesses, so I don’t think you lost much of a battle there.” I nod, letting her know I understand. “So, are you looking forward to your little date tomorrow?” I ask her, amused. “I don’t know, I’m really glad Hally’s going with me, I don’t know what I’d do without her.” I laugh as we both head into the bathroom to change.
  13. SNEAK PEAK: I slept in late, so my roommates knew something was up. I never sleep in late. When I woke up finally I was really pale, and slightly shaking. “Are you okay ______?” Sarah asked me, concerned. I clamped a hand over my mouth and sprinted to the bathroom. I threw up violently into the toilet, and a concerned looking Zan held my hair back. “Not really,” I finally respond weakly. Zan appraises me, and then slips an arm around me. “Come on, we’re going to get you changed, and then I’m going to take you to the nurse. You’re obviously sick.”

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