better movie awards

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this quiz has no right or wrong answer just fun the comments would be helpfull mostly with ive got a better answer...but have fun and thatnks for playing

there are probably different quizzes like this out there but heres mine hope you enjoy it or inspire you to do whatever see more movies make more quizzes anything...

Created by: skatterbrain

  1. best dance movie
  2. best apocoliptic movie
  3. longest death scene
  4. best pointless nudity (female)
  5. best pointless nudity (male)
  6. best woman who died and brought back to life
  7. best realistic car chace
  8. worst best friend
  9. weirdst kiss
  10. best matrix
  11. best quots that didn't catch on
  12. best guy movie
  13. best love scene
  14. best cartoon made into movie
  15. realistic aliens
  16. best dark comic movie

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