Who's Your YouTube Soulmate?

Many people believe they have found their soulmate or will find them soon. But what if you could find your YouTuber soulmate simply by answering 10 questions.

Choose wisely! The answers you choose lead to your future soulmate. Sure this probably won't happen but it's a good 5 minutes of your life used by tapping your phone screen it clicking your mouse.

Created by: flowerbug108
  1. How long do you spend on YouTube?
  2. What kind of videos are you into?
  3. If you could choose something to do on a Friday night what would it be?
  4. You are most interested in someone's _______.
  5. What makes you laugh the most?
  6. Do you watch videos right as they're posted?
  7. OTP?
  8. DigiFest, Playlist or VidCon?
  9. Favorite day of the week?
  10. Favorite band out of these?

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Quiz topic: Who's my YouTube Soulmate?