Who is your possible BTS soulmate?

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"This is no quiz human. This is a simulator. In this simulator, we will be taking you down a path of mystery and curiosity. In the end, the name of a soulmate will be revealed according to the responses you give us. So, are you ready to enter the simulator?"

---This is my... Second ever quiz. This is the beta version of 'the simulator'. If you would like a upgraded version. Simply leave a comment or smth... Know that I am very new here so things might not be perfect.

Created by: Melody W.
  1. "Anneoghaseyo, I am Melody. You are currently taking a quiz about soulmates. The chances vary from your responses. Are you ready to start your simulator?"
  2. "Well done. You have entered the first stage of this simulator. Let's start with a small introduxtion, shall we?"Q: What is your name?(If none of these is your name, simply press the one you like the most)
  3. "Another step of completed it seems. Good job. Now, continuing with introductions, what is your most current language you speak?"(Again, if none of these answers correspond with real life situation, click the one you please)
  4. "Good. Now. May I know your bias?"
  5. "Let's move on into situation choices. Do you think you will be able to do this? Of course you can, who am I kidding. Good luck. Let me remind you that this is a simulator, don't get too carried away."-A criminal robbed your house while you are out. What is your instant reaction?-
  6. "Almost done. We want to know you better. What is your Hobi-- sorry, I mean hobby. I must've malfunctioned."
  7. "Hmm. Yes. I can already see the results coming in... Ooh. Yes. Yes indeed... Your result is very interesting... Now, how about you tell me about your love life hmm?"
  8. "This is perfect. I have the results entered in. W-ait. I-m-mu-st. $&:!$:"
  9. "Sorry about that. It was a malfunction... Now. Let's talk about the results. This is the simplest version of this simulator. If you would like a upgraded version. Please do leave a comment. Now. Would you like to see the results?"
  10. "Great. Now let's move on to the next question"
  11. "Oh no... Everything is malfunctioning. That must be why the question I was supposed to ask you now is transported to a different area... Quick, let's see your results, but then, I need a favour."-Quest achieved-(Move on to the last question to see quest)
  12. Quest: you and your soulmate must wait for the next quiz to arrive and when it does, play it and try to defeat the virus. Don't worry. Your soulmate will be there to protect you.How to know when is the next update? Follow me on Wattpad and SPAM me there.(sorry but that's the only way)

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Quiz topic: Who is my possible BTS soulmate?