Will You Enjoy Your Valentines Day?

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You all know what's coming up! Valentines Day! Will this one be a good one, or a just horrible? Take this quiz, you've got to know before it's too late! Hurry, c'mon!

Hey you. With the face. You want to know if you're gonna have a good Valentines day?! Take this quiz, lets find out! This could be horrible or amazing!

Created by: Nialler34

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  1. Teh first question: Are you in a relationship at the moment?
  2. Do you like Valentines Day? Do you enjoy it?
  3. Do you like chocolate?
  4. Do you like candy? Just candy in general, like almost everything out there.
  5. If you got a teddy bear from the special person what would be your reaction?
  6. If you're going to a Valentines dance, who are you going with?
  7. If you have a crush on someone, are they going out with someone?
  8. Is there a chance that special someone will purpose to you?
  9. That special someone got you pack of pencils? Your reaction?
  10. If you aren't dating anybody and you have a crush, what would you do if they kiss you?
  11. In the past have you had relatively good Valentines days?
  12. I hope you have a nice day and Valentines Day, bye :D

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Quiz topic: Will I Enjoy my Valentines Day?