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  • This is my thread
    "Oh my gosh. Alex? Literal blast from the past."
  • Another goodbye
    "Thats exactly how I feel. Ya know, considering its been forever since I stopped talking to people, Ive really questioned if I was actually f..."
  • Another goodbye
    "I can see myself checking in this in a few months or a year, who knows? But if future Nialler is looking at this, dont make any more posts. ..."
  • Another goodbye
    "I know Ive said this many times before but I feel like this is it. I know I used to say that thinking about older users made me super sad an..."
  • my official thread
    "Zero: this reply is 10 years late but of course we're still friends! Hey guys. So update on Nialler34 life. I guess."
  • All by myself...
    "happy birthday! I hope it was gr8"
  • "I'll be wearing orange. My school will most likely be doing something on that day. It might not be a walk out but it will be somethin"
  • The Minefield
    "1000!! 🎉🎉"
  • my official thread
    "ohh. What are you listening to?"
  • my official thread
    "hoy hoy. what's uppp?"
  • my official thread
    "this month has literally been going by so slow. It feels like January 56th"
  • take a piss in my mouth
    "I mean, if that's what you want. . ."
  • my official thread
    "actually my og account is turning 6 tomorrow. wohh"
  • my official thread
    "finally made one. I figured it's about time. I've only been here so many years lolol"
  • hey
    "Me pls"

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