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    TheLoveOfBands Hot Shot
    You fam it's 17 year old you. Hope you have a good time at UNLV and don't f--- up by partying 24/7 haha.

    Take school seriously and don't forget those people you called friends before

    But most importantly

    Make friends in college you're going to need them

    Stay lame

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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    You didn't leave a lot for yourself last time, and you really regret it. Mainly because your memory is awful and has been awful for about three years now. It's possible that you forgot about that when that last capsule came around.

    From January 2017 and onwards, you probably faced the most s--- you'll ever have up to date. Current you doesn't remember; at one point, you kept an internet journal, but it's hard for you to remember daily events as it is. You gave up on that a long time ago. But you'll leave yourself a little list of what you do remember:
    -Some s--- went down with your two J's. You're aware they likely don't want it on some public website, but bottom line, love triangles suck. Please don't ever do that to people ever again.
    -You dated one of them for a few months. In the end, around April, he broke up with you because of (rough quote) "the distance." However, around that time, you were told that you'd be moving to NC. You'd be a f---ton closer. You ended up finding out that he fell in love with that girl from his class. The book girl. Sometimes you check his profile. They had their six month not too long ago. For your sake, stop checking his profile, dude. You deserve so much better and the one who cared about you stayed.
    -You lost your two best friends. Honestly, it is so bizarre to consider it because they're back, but you... Lost them for a long time. And you're crying right now writing this. But it's okay. You held your breath and kept fighting, and they're here now. It's not the same, and it probably won't ever be the same, but that isn't important. You don't want it to be the same. You want to make the friendships BETTER. You want to become better. For the love of God, though, don't be lazy. Don't do what you've been doing. Actually give them the love you want to give them. And not just those two, but everyone.
    -You failed your first AP exam. It was freshman year back in CA, and you already knew you were slacking so, so hard, but yeah. 1 is failing, 3 is borderline passing, 5 is passing exceptionally. You got a 2. You were disappointed, but that was just proof that you needed to work harder.

    Speaking of CA? You don't live there anymore. Had anyone asked before you moved, you thought you'd live in the little city of BP all of your life. The same faces kept showing up every day. Your school was a decent drive away, but it was manageable. Every store you could imagine was at your fingertips. Trains passed by your house. Hundreds of people, new faces, every day. Beach and mountains an hour away at most. Always sunny. And acting. God, you hated and loved it. You loved the act of being someone other than yourself. You loved the eyes on you, the excitement of learning lines and flourishing on the Stage. You didn't get hundreds of jobs, but you got enough. You landed things that mattered. You're crying again, by the way. But that's beside the point. You hated actually putting the commitment forwards, getting out of bed to make yourself look presentable and learning lines right then and there. In the end, you gave up on it last year. It was for the best considering the move but now that you've seen the faces of successful actors close to your age you wish that you had tried harder, and not given up. Yeah... Beautiful California is gone. You didn't have a lot of good friends. And by good friends, I mean the ones that stuck around. The ones that would go anywhere with you, anytime you wanted. The ones that would let you cry against their shoulder and would ask why you look so down. You had one of those friends, and after the move, you've kind of lost him. He's still there, but you can't drag him off to the various malls anymore. You can only see his lower-cased messages and hear his voice when you occasionally get into the same call. It hurts, but the fact that he's still accessible is more than you can say for others. You tried to talk to your super old friends. Yeah, the ones you knew from kindergarten onward. None of them cried like he did when you moved. f---, half of them didn't sign your yearbook. It stung, but it just goes to show you what true friendship is.

    You live in NC now. A population of over 85,000 down to 4,000 at most. It is so different. The nearest mall is nearly an hour away instead of 5 minutes. All you see are white people. It's kind of stereotypical. And you hoped it wouldn't be, but it is, and... It doesn't matter. You transferred into the "arts" school of your tiny little town. Your teachers have been so wonderful. Today was your last day with your first 4. (Yeah, the system is so bizarre? Don't worry about it.) You fell in love with a boy who has a heart for music. He loves the drums, and because of it, you decided to join drumline. Or, at least, you decided to try out for drumline. That still hasn't happened yet. I'm rooting for you to get in, though. Even though he's a senior, and he won't be there if you get in, it's still going to be a thrill. And he happens to be your teacher? You kinda scored there, Jillian. After some awkward borderline bullying by some girl, and some awkward "spare five minutes" conversation, he turned you down on dating. But the fact that you got an experience of actually liking someone that is... Here, and not miles away? It was great.

    After this, you'll probably decide to type something personal so you can say EVERYTHING. But because this is a public forum, and there's a word count, you can't really do that. So, please you f---ing boosted animal, don't f--- up 2018. Or 2019, or 2020, or any year? Yeah. Just don't.

    Rooting for you, you lil' bun bun/whore/slut/kitten/princess/weirdo/whatever nicknames come to you over the year(s)... Hope this message will make sense.
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    Dark22978 Hot Shot
    P.S. You need to learn to start reading your messages before hitting submit. Within 3 seconds of skim reading, you found many confusing typos. But you're too lazy to fix them.

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    RelevantNerdist Experienced
    Alright Connor, you're writing another one, as hilarious and original as the first one was it's just not going to cut it. So here you are again, you're moving in a few months... again for the 5th no 6th time. And by this point you've given up on trying to sound formal but enough of that, time to temporarily make you hate yourself. Stop stalling and actually write what you've been thinking for the past hour. Stop You can do this, stop watching Parks and Rec, as good as it it. Alright we're back on track. You're moving yet again, but thats to be expected. Also if its 2020 and you're still on this site, i sincerely hope you die. Anywho, you're leaving all your friends behind in sunny southern california again. You are part of a military family so you should be used to leaving all your friends. now for the more motivational second paragraph.

    Here we are at the aforementioned second paragraph. You are hopefully graduated from high school, and if you didnt you suck. Anyway writing this, you have been through a year and a half of high school, and you havent done anything except for a few photoshop awards that hardly mean anything. You NEED to find something you have a passion in, not to inflate Dark's ego but her quiz result hit a little too close to home. You've given up on so much crap that its ridiculous, you listen to a lot of NEFFEX which always has some motivational lyrics, but those lyrics are useless if you dont have anything to be motivated for.

    Anywho thats the end
    Sincerely yourself
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    Mused Jade Experienced
    Dear future me,

    Wow, I can't believe its 2018 already. Last year proved to bechallenging, and this year will as well. I can only hope for the best, and that everything works itself out in the end. At this time I'm 17, and I honestly can't wait to see what the future holds. This year holds a lot of choices that could make or break you, but either way I know you'll get through it.

    Currently, you are a senior in high school, who is overly shy. I guess that's because I found this place, but you can't blame it on this site entirely. I guess you're just not a people person. Hopefully when you read this, you've done something that maybe you couldn't do before, like dye your hair purple or blue. Who knows, maybe everything with you and Panda will work itself out and you guys will be able to have a future together. Also, try to get out more. Be free. I know at the time I'm writing this, it is really hard to do so, especially with my parents, but by the time you read this, you should be out of the house and making your own choices. If you haven't got a tattoo yet, go get one! Live life!

    Also, no matter what happens, never give up on yourself. At this moment, I can see the potential of what I can be in the future. I'm hoping by the time you read this, you are saving up or going to college and that you have a house of your own. I hope that you can do something that makes people smile, and makes their day better. (*coughstartyouryoutubechannelcough*)

    Anyways, I just hope everything works out, and when you read this, see how far you've come.

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    Annicetta Advanced
    Dear Anna of 2020.So you're probably 14 by the time you're reading this.Or maybe you won't even be on gtq.I just wanted you to know,don't be so hard on yourself.People will love you for you and if they son't well then they're all b----es.Remember your bff Sienna just incase she's gone,and most of all remember:Happiness will find you.
    Love you,
    Adri of 2018.
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    The Geek Expert
    underage b&
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    Hey Mac .
    I'm just gonna go on in with it.
    Fandoms:Gravity Falls, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and your reading Harry POtter and the sorcers stone right now.
    Cabin/House: Athena,and Ravenclaw.
    Bands:Panic!At the disco , Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance.
    Age: (Shhhhh 12)
    Crush/es: Real: Jake/Jacob. Other: None/N/A
    Advice: b---- I hope your still living now. Watch your mouth, and be you . And stock up on comebacks . Your worth it .
    Other: Idk man. If I die or somethign before next year then whatever
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    i_love_planes Advanced
    heyo me
    it has been a while since you last got on here, but hey, you've always taken long breaks from this place. Hope you dont drop out, and you keep on workin on your art. I'm trying to work on being less distance, and we better see a difference by the next time this is seen, yeah?
    you better be feeling less awful next time you see this
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    DreamOfNight Advanced
    Dear future me,
    Get your head out of your phone's butt and f---ing study b----, or you're f---ing screwed.
    - Your old self.
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    Hey, Road!

    I'm not confident I know whether or not I'm doing well right now. Everything is different now. In the time we've been apart, I got closer to suicide than I've ever been, changed jobs, been in a couple relationships, had more good days than I could ever have hoped for, made new friends, come closer to some members of my family and felt divided by others, done more with my singing and hope to continue to do so until I make something of myself, and got myself into crippling debt just going to the ER. For the time being, I'm breathing. Isn't that what we're good at?

    Now, in response to your questions:
    -No, Walmart didn't want little old me. I felt like a failure for a while there, but now I've got my job at Taco Bell, and I can finally say I love my job. In the end, Walmart getting rid of me was the best thing for me. My paychecks were a lot better at first, but now I've also got insurance, and that's bringing them down a little. Still manageable, and still better than what I was getting from Walmart.
    -This lease will be up at the end of July. I've got some friends that would like for me to move in with them, but now mom's talking about wanting to buy herself her own house and how she really wants to keep me with her. She's including me in all her plans no matter how much I say I'm planning on moving out. She's talking about stability, having room for extended families, never having to leave what's left of my family. And I've always known I'd end up killing myself if I lived on my own. I know it's a terrible idea and I should just go live with my friends. But I'm still considering it. I think I'm just too sentimental.
    -I've been working on my art, but not enough to really improve. I need to devote more time to it.
    -For the time being, I'm just taking song requests and posting videos on Youtube. I plan on finding karaoke places around here so I can work on my stage fright before I try anything more important.
    -No, and it's not really in the plans anymore.
    -I came out to my mother shortly after, actually. I never planned to, but it's such a relief to finally have it out in the open.
    -lmaoooo scotty was a f---ing mess
    shady ass USING ASS inconsiderate dumb little b----
    had to block him on Facebook so he'd stop messaging me with guilt trips asking me for rides
    -Baby's been.... troublesome. She just had two tires replaced, but the alignment didn't get fixed and it's bugging the f--- out of me.
    -let's not talk about motherf---ing trump, okay?
    -I've spent a lot MORE time on Lainey and Mason, less on Nathaniel, although he's still got the spotlight occasionally. I do need to work on him a lot more, and his brother, and their grandma. I've got a lot of loose character concepts sitting around that I just haven't developed yet. Freya, Compass, Hail, Carmen and her mother all need a metric f--- ton of work.

    All of those songs still mean the world to me. I don't think I'm in any danger of forgetting songs. But thank you.

    I wish I could talk to you face to face. Then maybe this letter could have been a little more cheerful. You did your best last year, and that's all I can ask. Now it's my turn.

    With love,

    Dear, darling future Road.

    Are you okay?

    We've got a lot of work to do and I hope we've managed it. Our goals are as follows:
    -Keep singing. Work for publicity.
    -Have a functional living situation worked out.
    -Get better insurance.
    -Get a good second job.
    -Finish paying off your debts.
    -Develop the characters mentioned above.
    -Write more songs.
    -Work on ya art.
    -Be an activist.
    -Have a cat.
    -Do Fall stuff this year you little s---. It's your favorite season and you didn't even go to a pumpkin patch last year. 0/10 not spooky at all.

    Some extra credit goals for you, too:
    -work on your French
    -try to learn sign language
    -try to learn to play at least one instrument
    -maybe lose some weight?
    -assassinate trump

    I'm not gonna ask a bunch of questions this time. Answering all of those last ones was tiring. Just let me know how you're doing, would you?

    Come and harm me!
    (I would later regret that command)

    Go as far as you can.
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    Mac1014 Advanced
    ((Coldest Sun you are very pretty. Like really pretty. ))
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    Hey me, so I don't use this website anymore and it's just chance that I came on and this was here so you probs won't see this but in the tiny chance you do, Hey, what's up my dude? U okay bro? I'll never know. Anyway today is the day I basically "k"( bish u knoe who dat is) was officially ended everything and just wants to be friends anddd It's also the day I told k about the unwanted kissing and touching that used to happen by that person and the other stuff related to that so yeah I regret that a lottt lol, oh yeah I also fell on a sharp rock and my ass hurts so much, yay. Anyway hope that jogged your memory, but okay, I hope you're doing good and have gone back to therapy bc boi it's a good idea. Also I hope school is okay ? Uhm I hope your mental and physical health has gotten better, not that it's too bad rn. I'm not really sure what I'm expecting you to be like, probs around the same as me now but older ? Have you grown out of your "alternative" phase yet? I don't think it's s good idea for you to get in relationships For a long while soo idk maybe think of that, but yeah hope you're doing well and have (pls pls pls) started doing homework and studying bc otherwise we can't get into a good college, but uh yeah ? Rn I have no facial piercings and no tattoos, just so you know. Uhm yeah so see you I guess ?
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    That's awfully sweet of you to say, Mac. ^-^ Thank you kindly.
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    Nialler34 Senior
    Hey future Gabi.
    Uh, as of January 15, you just finished your college applications (actually you have 2 more but you're submitting them today so you're technically done.) I just got done watching Stanford vlogs and I'm crying lmao. I'm so nervous and scared yet I'm so excited. It's so crazy. Hopefully when you're reading you've got a ton more figured out than you do right now.
    You probably remember that you currently hate all your friends and you're desperately counting down until Summer and college and all that fun stuff. And right now you're trying to figure everything out. But idk. I'm just dumb high school senior right now and the biggest news of my short life is less than two months away and it's f---ing wild. I wish I had more to say but I have to write something in this capsule or else I'll forget too by February. Uh wish me luck? Even though you're reding this in the future. Actually, I wish you luck! 2018 Gabi is rooting for you and you're the baddest b----. Whatever happens I know you're killing it.

    best regards,
    2017 Nialler34

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