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  • Dear future me:
    You had better still remember this account. You already had to make a new one because you forgot the other, and now you're a newbie and you don't have your other quizzes. Plus, do you still like anime you weirdo? Plus do you still like you-know-who? O ya and before I go... does they like u? P.S. You better not have failed math class cause you could have been one level above THAT class. What would that be -- 3 or 4 grades above? WELP! bye and good luck with life! dang it y is there no cat emoji here??? i guess I have to do this: =^_^=
    bye for real now

    Ok i mean it now

    FINE I really mean it now bye

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    Thats_Just_Josh Experienced

    Sometimes stuff doesn't workout.
    To you and your victories.
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    Thats_Just_Josh Experienced
    P.s. Be good to Katie she loves you
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    Magie Magic Senior
    (^you need to talk to Katie)

    (Check the thread we were role playing with random characters on.)
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    Ghostgirl Novice

    If I'm still on this site then congrats, you made an achievement!

    Tell me, who died in The Walking Dead?
    How good was Infinity Wars?
    Am I still single?
    Am I still half Emo?
    Am I still Bisexual?
    Damn, a lot can happen in an entire year...

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    FluffyEtini Experienced
    Hey future self!
    When I see this again (or maybe I won't idk)
    To future self ijustsaiddatstupid
    Are you cringing at this? I think you are. That's just what happens when you look at your old posts so why should this one be any different?
    Ok. Are you still friends with Midnight and LBC? And C-L. And tabulz and traffic cone? If you're not, what in the world what's wrong with you/them? Oh
    and did you give that dude your science fair?
    What's happening in the world? Do I even want to know?
    Do you even have this account anymore? Was I hacked or did I give it up and start a new one? Did my official thread reach 500 pages?
    Ok bye.
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    Raven_ Experienced
    Hi future me

    If you are still on this site, then good job. Never forget the ones who helped you, and always forgive the ones who hurt you. Stay strong through the hard times, abd enjoy the good times. Always stay kind, thankful, humble, and grateful. For, the world might end tomorrow. Remember,you don't have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to live, or to fit in to survive. Just be your boring self. May death never stop you, and reach your goals! Also, don't ever give up on life. Rawr XD
    -From your 2018 self.
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    d_h Advanced
    Hey Dawson, hope you're doing well as of the time when you were writing this you just managed to find some time to fit this all in. I hope you're off to college by this time and studying in Writing and psychology like you said you were going to.

    As of now when it comes to music You have been listening to a lot of Metalcore, (let's just hope you don't actually begin to like "Cannibal Corpse" which is littoral vomit's soundtrack. Also, hope that screamer voice is coming well and naturally. Just keep on loving BFMV and practice some of the good songs and you just may destroy that blockage in your vocals that's stopping your voice from letting it out.

    Your love life as of now is kind of Shifty and emotional but I'm pulling through. Ever since the events of August 2017 your talk between her and you have been extremely limited and painful to the heart all the way to the point of were you have had permanent damage to you. I am hoping that things are turning out better when you're reading this.

    When it comes to your health, I have recently improved my drinking habits. Tea is a life saver and a blessing. Don't you ever drink any more than a soda every two days. You don't need it anyway Its unhealthy for you psychically and emotionally. Trust me you don't want a repeat of yesterday.

    as for the other aspects of your life, I hope you're still in "politics & war". If so, Has Meap Stoped interfering your radio management? If so, tell the wanker to piss off Its your job not some 12-year-old kid from a pathetic alliance that when they merged they tried to run the Dark Brotherhood like its there own personal joint and it's not. Plus try your best to make sure the "Dark Brotherhood News channel does not become a thing because that was originally the radio's purpose but hey you will probably have your own alliance by this time.

    I also hope your still writting your books, you may need to put some of the people on this site into your acknowledgments. This site was the big birth ground for why you got into writing. lol

    In hopes for a better 2018.

    Sincerly, Yourself, Dawson
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    Fake Geek Experienced
    this is fake and gay
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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    I mean you're not wrong my dude
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    WolfLove Hot Shot
    hey wulf

    you are a depresso espresso rn

    hope ur doin better

    did you graduate firefighter 1? did you apply to colleges? i hope

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    Magie Magic Senior
    Dear future Self

    Life is probably better for us now.
    We can have lunch with Paige and
    Alyssa, you may have published our
    first books might be published I hope.
    Do we have a boyfriend yet in the
    Future? If not, no rush no rush. Just do
    Us! I wonder if you'll see this though.

    You're probably less active on GTQ
    By now. If not though I guess the GTQ
    Users that read this after I'm done writing
    It will be happy about that. If I'm wrong
    Then oh well. Ta Ta And May the Force
    Be with you. ~Past Tasha
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    Magie Magic Hot Shot
    Dear Past Tasha

    Yeah, sorry past self. Homework took over writing time, Paige and Alyssa have other friends, and we’re too good for boyfriends. Plus, if this is the February 2018 me I’m talking to, you’re about to make some stupid decisions lol. Don’t worry though you’ll get over them.

    (Talking to my future self makes sense cause future me reads it... Past me doesn’t... Oh well, we knew I’m weird.)

    ~ Present Day Tasha
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    BloodOnMyHands Experienced
    Oh my god i forgot i posted on this thread

    @ 17 yo me

    You partied more than you ever did in your life but in thanks to that you actually made some new friends.

    Don't worry fam you passed all your classes and have a good gpa because satan knows you weren't about to throw 9k down the drain like that

    You are still lame
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    Thats_Just_Josh Advanced
    To past me sorry I f---ed up kid but your dead and I'm moving on may the force be with you

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