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  • Weird tv shows
    "That I will leave here in case you’re in need of some odd entertainment. 1)the simple life Basically it’s Paris Hilton g"
  • where does everyone live?
    "Hopefully Washington."
  • Whats your favorite manga
    "bc this forum is as stale as a piece of frozen bread."
  • Have you played
    "No, this does not belong in the Lounge it’s part of the games in the App Store, fam."
  • Have you played
    "do you like the game? I think it’s nice it’s actually kind of addicting but I enjoy playing it lmao"
  • What are you reading?
    "Agh please ignore the extra now that was an accident"
  • What are you reading?
    "I actually just finished that book and am now reading running with scissors now"
  • "Most users on here don’t own a car because a) they cannot drive one yet bc if age or b)bc they can’t afford one or C) I guess a lot of peopl"
  • Burger King is better
    "On Friday I stopped by Burger King to get some breakfast since it’s right in front of my workplace and honestly the breakfast muffins with t"
  • Puppets food gallery~
    "Woah at first I thought that was a smiths bought cake that’s really good 😮"
  • doodles n stuff
    "Low key your art has changed so much from 2013 it makes me happy inside"
  • "I didn’t notice them until now ty for telling me about them"
    "I bet that the people that voted for T series did it for edgy points"
  • O.o anyone else not
    "This is pretty late but somehow I can actually see polls now"
  • "About that life- Attila"

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