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    The Coldest Sun Hot Shot
    Sorry for waiting so long, y'all. s--- just slipped my mind. Here's our 2018 time capsule. Fill it up with ya memories and whatnot. If anyone's even left, anyway. I might leave this one buried until 2020, just because this year went by so fast it feels way too soon to have opened the last one.

    That one, by the way, is here.

    I'll lock this one on February 1 This place is dead af, so I'm gonna give it some time and hope most of the active userbase gets a chance at it.
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    MyEternalRage Advanced
    okay, here we go:

    I liked last year's message because you were talking about people you've cut off and I find that funny. Right now, you're everywhere you wanted to be and more. So I guess I did good by that last message, other than the whole cutting off friendships thing.
    You don't need or want a long heartfelt message. But I'm guessing you want something. So uh, here, take this. You know what to do.
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    breadboy69 Junior
    Dear John,

    I'm sure you're just as surprised as I am now that I'm doing this and I know we're both going to regret this equally. I know right now I'm terrified of this next half of the year based on spring 2017, but it seems this year is gonna be better. Hopefully your upcoming spring will be pretty chill. If all goes well, you'll have visited North Carolina, and have more clear plans to go to Oklahoma. And maybe if we're lucky dad won't be bothering you anymore? We can only hope...
    Um what else..
    School? Almost done with senior year, you've made it this far, I know you can finish. (Let's just hope I didn't f--- up chemistry for you)
    Also that cactus you got before Christmas this year? Yeah don't let anything happen to him.
    I guess that's all I have idk
    See you next year breadf---
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    Br0wnieBunny Expert
    hi, past me.
    right now i'm 15 years old, turning 16 in five days. i'm a sophomore.
    so you made it through your freshman year! great. this summer kinda sucked, but i survived. now i've moved far up north and the environment is more stable. i'm still depressed, but i'm seeking treatment. i'm working on bettering myself. this is only the beginning.
    i do like danganronpa still, yes. i don't know how much longer the series is gonna get milked, so i have a feeling that i might not be as interested in it in the future. the latest game kinda blew.
    i still have the same dream. i wanna work at disney. maybe something with animation or character design. that sounds fun. i'd like to go to calarts one day.
    i've sorta had a falling out with j-pop. now i'm more into k-pop. i like red velvet and bts a lot.
    there's not much to do at school, to be honest, since it's so small. there's only a small handful of clubs. i might get into art club sometime soon.
    i'm not taking french, unfortunately. they don't teach french here since the budget is so small. moi? ca va.
    as for the future, i'm not expecting a lot. just be happier i guess, and continue doing good in school. i'm taking it one day at a time right now. it's been hard lately but i'll be okay, i think.
    see you next year madi
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    I don't usually care enough to write a message to myself, but things are different now.
    You don't know what you're doing, you're scared and empty. You need to get past that. Last year was a huge lesson for you. You understand yourself better... But you're still conflicted. Don't waste any of those lessons you learned.

    Open up to more people, don't run away and hide behind fake names. Don't drop those who care.

    Most of all, I like your new attitude. Frigidity isn't you.
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    RelevantNerdist Experienced
    dear future self

    I swear if you f---ed everything up again ima kill you.
    so keep that in mind.
    Also get some motherf---ing motivation, stop giving up on f---ing everything you whore
    Also same profile pic 👌
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    therealminime Senior
    Dear Future Mini

    If, you're reading this in 2020, then oh geez.
    Please make your dreams come true.
    Go get em.
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    Jayfeather310 Advanced
    Dear Nemmie,
    Well. I hope you're still Nemmie. And I believe you will be.
    2017 was diffficult. I suffered from loss, I was traumatized, I was hurt, but I do know the one thing that happened that changed it all. I convinced myself that 2018 was going to start great. I was going to start over, not completely, but mostly.
    2018.. is probably one of the worst years one of my friends has experienced. Already.
    We're not really friends anymore because we drifted apart and it was also a gender issue, I believe.
    He had a lot of friends, but sometimes he got made fun of, but he was usually bright and happy. Sometimes he'd call me names and stuff, but I didn't let it get to me. I was kinda easy on him because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. He was really sensitive underneath. When he was in kindergarten, at five years old, his mother was in a motorcycle accident. And she died. She was a loving, caring mother too. And for him to be so young, it was really sad.
    Well.. December 31st, 2017, it was New Years Eve of course and he was at his house with his father and step-mother. A little before midnight, the two were arguing because apparently - The step-mother cheated on the father. I don't know what my friend and his siblings were doing at the time, but they were still there.
    And right as the ball dropped on New Years, the father shot himself..
    He was sent to the hospital and the only thing keeping him alive was a machine.. But a few days after, he passed away.
    And now my friend and his sister are orphans, but they are staying with their grandparents. And sadly, the grandfather has cancer.
    I hate this. And I feel so sorry for what my friends are going through right now. Surprisingly, my friend was at school today and yesterday, but tomorrow is his father's funeral.

    And I want to know that my friend will make it through. And this is what I hope for. I want him to be happy.
    And I want to be happy too.
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    Stardust1 Junior
    Wow never done this before.

    Hi, me, this is you. I probably sound like a cringy newbie. And if you/me are reading this, then you've become like all the other depressed, self-talking users on here. Congrats. (Jk, guys! Everyone on here is great.) No idea what to say.

    Keep pushing for your dreams. By the time this is opened, you'll have left your childhood completely. I know you have so much potential, so go and show the world. We can change the world. Not in that gigantic sense, but even if we just change the world for one person, then it is so worth it. And when you're in doubt, just love. Love God, love people. And don't be afraid. Be anxious for nothing. Hold fast to your family and your friends. I believe in you, future self.

    Also life right now is both good and bad. You're still as lonely as ever, but you know that there are others in your life that love you. And there always will be.

    This is getting long. I'm making this up as I go, so, yeah. Have a nice life.

    Also, don't forget that you're a chicken.
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    absol heart Hot Shot
    Man I missed out last year

    Future me, I hope you didn't f--- up that drawing tablet. I also hope you got and still do get a lot of drawing done on it. Speaking of drawing, I ALSO hope you've improved. God knows you need it.
    On other subjects, you better have caught up with Kayla in WoW. C'mon man, 110 Shaman. Please be at least 100 by the end of 2018.

    As for card games, just don't quit. I know, I know, you won't, but we both know we get tired from time to time of card games. Also, best of luck on that card game me, Jonathan, and Christian are making! (I hope that's still a thing)

    Watch Medabots. Yeah, the memories are rushing back, huh? MISSILE, LAUNCH and all that malarky.

    All in all, enjoy yourself. You're not THAT bad. Don't feel alone. You have art to feel that void in your heart. Let OC's be your friends if you can't manage to make real ones when you graduate.
    Sorry if that sounds dumb and cringe-y.

    Love you
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    katqueen45 Senior
    Dear mother fukking future ass dirty hoe,

    In 2017 you didn't do all of the things on ur 2 doodoo list u ass. Remember your presidential dream. Become president, tell the world that you're gay. It's very simple. Keep being a virgin, don't do drugs, stay in school, and don't smoke >:0
    Follow this much simpler bucket list:
    ~Make out with a girl sexually
    ~Find out your gender by 2019 bish
    ~^Same goes for sexuality
    ~Get a project in on time for once
    ~Finish the Yonce animation
    ~Tell your grandmother that you're gay
    ~Bring a girlfriend home
    ~^Also, find a girlfriend
    ~Buy a hella gay outfit and wear it
    ~Always remember your friends! Zack, Sarah, Sarah, Whitney, Gabbie, Nick, Edie, Maura, Taylor, Taylor, Kira, Ava, Mystery, Emma, Miley, etc. Bluh
    ~Read the rest of Homestuck!
    ~Finally watch Death Note!
    ~Get more serious about practicing witchcraft!
    ~Don't die
    ~Get more sleep!
    ~Why are you even still typing this at 12 o clock >:0 I just said to get more sleep you dweeb
    ~Learn to play harmonica!
    ~Make a comic!
    ~Don't kill yourself.
    ~Cut your hair!
    If you don't complete this list then I, your past self, give you permission to .. um... do a thing >:0
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    NitroTails12 Advanced
    Dear futureifi'mstillhere self,

    You left for awhile. Nobody seemed to notice, or cared. You're still a nobody who doesn't have much to look forward in the future. Get a girlfriend, or something. Be glad you're almost done with school, try to at least be happy.. Keep at the art, get better at Overwatch, yadda yadda.

    With much love,

    Your past self.

    P.s. Happy Birthday(s), you old memer.
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    DracoMalfoyFan Experienced
    Alright, 2018. You made it surprisingly long for your dreams. Remember, go after them and prove everyone wrong. Grow your hair super long, be the actress and singer you want to be, go on The Voice. You have talent. Don't let depression set you back like it has this year. And its okay to be Bisexual. I hope you've told Justice by this time that you are Bi. And crushing on Kylo Ren is fine. He's still hot. Just, go get em. Have fun and I hope for the love of god you still have a family and that you've met Ariana Grande by this time. :)

    Good luck,

    13 year old Destiny
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    funniebunnie01 Hot Shot

    The current date that you were writing this was January 10, 2018. Though you don't know for sure, you probably had the flu on this date, as you spent most of this day trying to not cry from the intestinal pain. Or, you might have been crying because of your cysts. Either way, you were too poor to find out so you were just in pain.

    A lot of cool and s---ty things happened. You were nominated for NYLF of Medicine, and your best friend also turned out to be a c---. You found out that you probably can't have children, but you can also get two college credits in medical school through a nine day program you can go through.

    You currently have hit an all time low as far as depression and anxiety go, and yet you almost seem to be happy at the same time because of Andrew. Debate will be starting up soon, and you've always been good at that. Hopefully you wont die throughout the season, but I guess you'll figure that out soon.

    Currently, you're looking like this which is a s--- ton better than what you looked like before.

    You finally gained weight, which is really good, but it keeps dropping down to 105 because of the cysts and depression issues. You've lost a lot of friends up to this point. Two friends, which doesn't seem like a lot, but after everyone left for college it's sort of added up.

    You've managed to keep a journal again, which is really good, because it's helping keep your mind straight. Bad news is, is that a lot of times you're too depressed to actually do any of the AP work assigned to you. You just keep talking to Andrew, because he's becoming the only person there for you, which isn't always a good thing, but your grades are falling a lot because of it.

    This year is perhaps the most rough school year you've ever had to trudge through, so far. Through State Drama, though, you've made a few friends, like Alex, who's now claimed himself as your older brother, which is really cool, because he's probably over six foot so if you ever need to hurt anyone he could do it for you.

    A lot of your friends have started turning on you because of something that happened to you and the choices you've made. Perhaps you'd actually feel bad if what was going on actually concerned them, but it doesn't, so you just get really bad anxiety knowing that they hate you over something that really shouldn't matter to them.

    But, good news, is that you got medicine for your anxiety, so hopefully that will help you throughout 2018 and up until your freshman year of college in 2020.

    Some things that you'll hopefully figure out by the time you read this again:

    [] College
    [] Andrew
    [] Friends
    [] Father
    [] High school
    [] Medical problems
    [] Money
    [] Piano
    [] Singing (especially Treblesome)
    [] Anxiety
    [] Depression
    [] How the f--- to edit your own goddamn pictures like chirst borne jason jesus

    Other than that, hopefully you make these next few years your b----, if this site is even still alive by then.

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    Jeeshan Hot Shot

    Dear Jeeshan of 20__,
    You're currently in 10th grade and is obsessed with yourself. You don't behave properly as supported by social norms, you care too much about your looks, you like to laugh and please others.

    By the time this time capsule opens, I'd like to hear if you've figured out how to handle your broken life.

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