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  • Irrelevant
    "Irena will never understand how much I feel for her. I don't even know how she feels for me and it's so disappointing. I feel too the"
  • Irrelevant
    "I realized the title should describe my feelings."
  • Relevant
    "Amelia is starting to piss me off. Almost every day now. I don’t understand what her problem is and what she expects me to do about it."
  • Relevant
    "Anyway, I miss Irena in a way. We didn’t talk much, but with her, I felt like I could become an open book. I could tell her anything a"
  • Relevant
    "Connor hates you."
  • Relevant
    "This is actually irrelevant, just like my feelings."
  • Relevant
    "I don’t know."
  • Dragon's Lair
  • Ahh
  • aggressive seal noises
  • Drekkza is actually...
  • im uh... im done
  • Spice Rack 2
    "i’m not connor"
  • Come, and Join Me
    "smack it anyway"
  • All by myself...
    "these people are insane"

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