Which crystal gem are you?

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This is my first quiz ever and I might as well base it off of one of my favorite shows. This quiz is quite fun in my opinion and I tried to make it have questions that were not asking your favorite color and/or character. Any way please enjoy

To be fair this is my first quiz so please no harsh or rude comments. I am up for a some role playing and I have a few plots of my own so just comment me about it or find a way to reach me. Thank you for taking my first quiz.

Created by: Garroth_758
  1. What is your favorite U.S. holiday?
  2. What do you think about yourself?
  3. If you were going to cosplay as a group with your buddies as a Cartoon Network show, which would you pick?
  4. Which of these choices is you?
  5. Tell me now just so I can prove my buddy wrong is Steven universe in anime art or cartoon art (hint you can easily tell by eyes and when they blush!)
  6. What is your reaction to: "Steven dating Connie"
  7. Do you have a favorite pet? If so which of the following?
  8. What is your favorite dinner out of the following?
  9. Are you currently in a relationship with someone?
  10. If you had to choose a sport what would you choose?

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Quiz topic: Which crystal gem am I?