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  • What candy are you?
    [published: Sep 20, 2016, 2 comments]

    Thank you once again for clicking the link to my quizzes. From what I am told my personality quizzes are……

  • What Color Represents You?
    [published: May 11, 2016, 19 comments]

    I put a lot of detail and work into this quiz so please enjoy and have fun with it some questions are……

  • How derpy are you?
    [published: May 11, 2016, 4 comments]

    Thank you for taking my quiz it is random and hopefully honing to level me up abut more lol anyways have fun……

  • Which crystal gem are you?
    [published: May 10, 2016, 2 comments]

    This is my first quiz ever and I might as well base it off of one of my favorite shows. This quiz is……

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  • Fandomfreak
    ""Not really just a little purplish pink..." he helped her to the kitchen and helped her sit down in a chair while he grabbed some ice."
  • Only human
    ""Hmm...glacius how much time would you need to make what ever you were suggesting?" Crow asked."
  • Only human
    "Crow though to himself on what they should do," for now we just need any shelter we can get...""
  • Fandomfreak
    "Crow took her hand and saw it was swollen slightly," lets go get some ice for that...ok?""
  • Only human
    ""Takanuva is right we don't really have much of a choice..." crow agreed."
  • Fandomfreak
    "Crow reached out his hand to to grab her wrist but stopped before he he did to ask if it was ok if he looked at it."
  • Fandomfreak
    "Crow rushed over to help her up," love? A-are you ok?" -he asked while pulling her up."
  • Only human
    ""That is true," crow said."
  • "Male"
  • Only human
    "Crow shrugged. He looked at the woods," we should make or find shelter somewhere in the woods.""
  • "Girl"
  • Fandomfreak
    ""Dang..." crow said shaking his head. He hopped down the walked slowly to a tree and leaned on it."
  • Only human
    "" they are mutants that are part wolf some of us have been at Royal for so long could they of not picked up our scent or something" crow as..."
  • "Girl?"
  • Fandomfreak
    "Crow nodded," alright give me 15 seconds..." he told her before running off to hide. He crouched then jumped into the air and flapped his wi..."

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