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  • Which crystal gem are you?
    Your Result: Steven universe 84%

    I hope your happy with your results cause you are truly a crystal gem now... You are the exact person I'd want to hang out with. Considering you are a free spirit, kind, and did I mention, you are quite the character? You seem to have a way with people that just rubs off on them. You generosity and big heart would help anyone in need. And not to mention you magical spit! (please don't actually lick your hand and wipe it on a sick hobo...) but anyways you are quite the optimist and believe in team work. Thank you for taking my quiz.

    62% Garnet 84%
    52% Amethyst 84%
    45% Pearl

  • Which crystal gem are you?
    Your Result: Amethyst 84%

    Seems that your a wild card. Not like others, eh? From the looks of it you are different, but in your case a good different... You're funny, energetic, and childish. Now why would someone take this quiz just to know something they already are? Maybe you would like to know your self a little better but beside the that you just need to learn a little self control in my book...and yes I'm not your mom (besides that would be weird considering I'm a guy...anyways...) so your pretty crazy but will come through for others. Strangely you play at your own rules but at a team work state! How would you do both? Thank you for taking my very first quiz...


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