How Well Do You Know Minecraft?

There Are Many People That Know This Game. This Game Is One Of The Most Famous Open World Pixely Survival Games Ever Made. Thats Right, This Game Is Called MINECRAFT.

But, Do You Really Know All About Minecraft? Do You Have Or Even Watch The Game. Well, If You Do, This Quiz Is For You. See If Your A 100 Percent Minecraft Expert Right Now!

Created by: RelevantNerdist
  1. Who Is The Creator?
  2. What Was Minecraft First Called?
  3. Who Is The Protagonists Of Minecraft?
  4. What Devices Can You Play Minecraft On?
  5. JIDSbpudasdfghlljhgrafiuwydslhwngjeafyduispjerwngabfid?
  6. What Are The Types Of Tools In Minecraft?
  7. How Can You Win Minecraft?
  8. Where Do You Get Apples?
  9. OK,Almost There, You Ready?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Minecraft?