Your Minecraft Story® EP 1

Minecraft, Blox, ANYTHING is an epic jorney here!!!!! Based on you playing minecraft!!! The story begins!!! Read the passage bellow to see the first part of the story

Its Chrismas and your about to open your present. You open it up and you see santa got you mincraft for chrismas. after diner you went to your room and started the game on survivial mode.

Created by: ekud yrahcaz
  1. You just spawned in a minecraft world for the first time. You celect dirt because your confused. You start to like dirt and you want to build a house. What do you imagine it like?
  2. Its geting dark so you quickly build a dirt house with one hole in the wall for light. before you know it, an enderman places a block and covers the hole. What do you do?
  3. You break blocks ready for the mobs to bring it on. You notice the enderman is angry. Your ready for battle. How do you fight it?
  4. You finaly begin to run away. The enderman starts to chase you. So you dig a little hole in the ground. You cover it up. You wait a wile and get out of the hole. Its Daytime!!!!
  5. You start to get hungry so you hunt a pig. You get a porck chop and eat it. You feel beter, but you see a wolf kill a SHEEP!!!! What do you do?
  6. You chop some trees and colect wood. You use it and create a crafting table. You use it to create a pickaxe. Then you dig down to a cave. There are a lot of mobs. What do you do?
  7. You find a way to get out of the cave and you RUN!!! You find a village, but the sun is seting. What do you do?
  8. The sun is up and you survived. You give a villager a chunk of wood but he give you an emerald!!! how do you say "thank you" to him?
  9. You turn the game off and you watch some minecraft videos then you go to sleep. Do you dream about minecraft?
  10. 25 Days later you play minecraft for the 25th time! You got a lot of blocks and materials. What do you build you house like? (NOTE: You left the village)
  11. THE END

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