How well do you know Minecraft Story Mode?

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How well do you know about Minecraft Story mode? Do you remember details? Puzzles? Certain things? If so, I suggest taking this quiz and finding out whether or not you do.

Do you have what it takes to get a high score? How well do you know this game? Do you even know this game at all? If not you shouldn't take the quiz, if you do..let's test your acknowledge and see if you know the game well enough.

Created by: Hunter
  1. Which Ocelot member set Reuben on fire?
  2. In the episode A Portal to Mystery, which character dies after TorqueDawg?
  3. During the fight with Ivor, what were the three potions Ivor uses during combat?
  4. Who are the two characters that get chipped by PAMA?
  5. Which of your friend gets accused of being the White pumpkin?
  6. What happens to Gabriel/Petra when you don't save them?
  7. What are the five colors on the Amulet?
  8. If you choose Magnus/Ellegaard's armor, what happens to them?
  9. What was the Wither Skull worth?
  10. What are the three items Jesse finds inside the old temple?
  11. When Axel/Petra are being sucked into the Wither Storm's tractor beam, which character tries to catch the Wither Storm's attention?
  12. During the Grinder scene, which character ends up going after the amulet if you choose to save Axel and Reuben?
  13. If you choose to take the cake from the witches hut and go through her chest, what potion do you end up getting?
  14. What does Slab give you, if you're nice to him?
  15. Which Mob was Soren studying?
  16. Who was the fifth member of the Order of the Stone?
  17. In the episode A Block and a Hard Place, what was the color of the horse you were riding on?
  18. How did TorqueDawg die?
  19. One of Ivor's puzzles involved the order of the Order's treasure, what was the correct order?
  20. How did the White pumpkin get around the mansion?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Minecraft Story Mode?