Which Minecraft Story Mode Character Are You(2)

Have you yet before played Minecraft story mode if you have you are probably wondering what character am I well here are some of the choices... Gabrelle, magnus. Petra. Ruebin, axel, oliva, ellagaurd and more find out witch one, your most like.

Hi everyone I know I all ready made a quiz about this but if you go to edit a quiz you can't add more opinions for characters and I wanted to do that so I started a new one enjoy and plz comment or rate.

Created by: moonwatcher
  1. What's your best trait?
  2. How good is your fighting skills?
  3. How tall are you (this is importent)
  4. Quick thinking: oh no your sarounded by skeletons and there shooting at you, you.
  5. You see your enemy threatning you with the sourd you...
  6. Are you afraid of monsters?
  7. Do you have siblings if yes how many...
  8. Triva:, episode 6: where did you first see the white pumpkin.
  9. Do you like to build?
  10. What is your favorite poshion?
  11. Are you a fast reader?
  12. If you were jesse and you could pick 1 person to come on a mission with you it would be.
  13. Triva:episode 4: what monster mob helped defeat the weither storm.
  14. What's your gender?
  15. Did you cry when reuben died?
  16. Who did you save in ep.7 lukas or petra?
  17. Which weapon do you like?
  18. What's your favorite color?
  19. What's your least favorite monster mob?
  20. What do you do/say when aiden makes fun of something you made?
  21. What do you think of lukas?
  22. What do you think of petra?
  23. How often do you worry?
  24. What personality does your CHARACTER have?
  25. Trivia: in episode 8 if you show the old builders the white pumpkin they say...
  26. My favorite subject in Minecraft is.
  27. What pet would you have for Minecraft?
  28. Do you ever lie?
  29. Trivia: the weither storm followed...
  30. Have you ever bullyed someone.
  31. Have you ever won something IMPORTENT.
  32. A stranger approches you saying that you are someone from your past what do you do.
  33. Which of these would you want to go to?
  34. Who is your favorite order of the stone member?
  35. Quick thinking axel is about to eat reubens porchop what do you do.

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Quiz topic: Which Minecraft Story Mode Character am I(2)