How Well Do You Know Minecraft Story Mode?

There Are really much fans of MSM. If your'e a true fan you know what means MSM. So, like you might be a really really true fan or... ARE YOU??? Take this quiz to know! MSM=Minecraft Story Mode.

Are YOU A True Minecraft Story Mode fan? FIND OUT HERE!!! Okay I gotta go reallly soon so yeah I'm trying to finish this and try to make a quiz by yourself. Okay bye gtg bye?

Created by: NotTellin'Bruh
  1. Who's Ivor?
  2. Did Reuben Die? In the last episode?
  3. What Happend To Petra?
  4. Where Did Everyone Live In The First Place?
  5. Who Created The Wither Storm?
  6. What do you need to spawn the Wither Storm?
  7. Who Was Fine With Sponsoring Minecraft Story Mode? Tip Whispers: There's A Trick.
  8. Do You Like This Quiz? Doesn't Affect Score.
  9. What Is BoomTown?
  10. Okay Cya!
  11. Bonus Question: Should I Make More?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Minecraft Story Mode?