This quiz is about Mine craft Story Mode! So test your knowledge. Laugh out loud! Me and my friend are actually doing something like mine craft story mode!

I really hope you had a great day! I am super bored, so I made this quiz. Me and my friend are acting like we are actually in the game. But a little different.

Created by: lol cat
  1. Did you read the description? Please do because it will explain what this quiz is about!:)
  2. Ok, let us start. What is the main characters name?
  3. What is the pigs name?
  4. What is the yellow/blond hair guys name?Sorry if I spelt the names wrong!:(
  5. What is the big quys name?
  6. What is the girls name with the beanie and orange hair?
  7. How many "heroes" are there? From the amulet.
  8. What is the blue hero guys name?
  9. How bought the redstone girl?
  10. The orange mustanched guy.
  11. Who lives in Boom Town?
  12. How many episodes are there?
  13. Who created the wither storm?
  14. Was there a command block in the middle of the wither?
  15. Did someone die in episode 3?
  16. Last question, does Petra and Gabriel have the wither effect?

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