Jessica Branch and the Dungeon Gang (Short Story for Girls.)

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Okay, first I want to say that I know I said Weirdhead's Final Story was my final story, but I really wanted to do this one. Also, toward the end I got really bored. But the results are interesting.

And don't you love the picture? It reminds me of the story. I mean, it's not exactly like it, but REALLY close. That's why I chose it. Anyway, I'm just stalling here, so go read.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. **Jessica** I shoot shimmery blue fire streaks at the school, floating in the air wearing my shimmery blue costume. "Don't any of you move!" I yell, holding my hands out ready for another burst. "Jessica! That's good! Stop the hologram!" I hear my trainer, Mark Philips, shout. The hologram disappears. "Oh. I forgot I was a super hero, not a super villain. Guess I got carried away there," I say sheepishly. Ever since I realized that my hands could shoot out shimmery blue fire, and I could float, I wanted to be a super hero. I knew there was a man in town who trained super heroes. So I came to meet him, and had been training with holograms ever since. And he gave me this super cool super hero costume that was the color of my fire. "It's okay. Just keep your mind on saving, not killing." My mind flashes back to the fire that killed my parents, only sparing me. Then I remember the days in the orphanage when I was hated and rejected. Finally, I remember turning sixteen and leaving. "Yeah, but..." I start to tell Mark, but I stop. "But what?" he asks. "But I just.... I don't know. I quit. Being a hero isn't working." "But.. the world needs Shimmer Flyer," he objects.
  2. "Nobody needs her," I shoot back. "Even her name is stupid. I'm DONE!" I yell, then run out on to the street and to my apartment. Then I see my newspaper, with an article about how a super villain and his Dungeon Gang escaped from prison, but the leader was shot to death. "That's the job for me," I said. I threw my costume back on and go outside. I use the radar in my suit to track them down. I find them and hover over them. I make a shimmery blue fire cage around them. "If one of you moves," I say. "Then all of you die." "But, wait," one of them says. I turn my hands to face him, ready to shoot out the fire. "Why don't you join us? We need a new leader. We've never had a girl in the gang, but I know you'd be a good leader." I lower my arms and inhale, taking away the fire cage. They cheer and we go to my apartment, which we agree should be headquarters.
  3. I changed my name to Mistress Streak, for the sake of being villain-sounding. The boys and I murdered and stole for three weeks. Then, one day...
  4. I decided to go see Mark. When I get there, I see him training a new girl to use my powers. I stop. I turn around and leave and keep on being a super villain. The end.
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