Weirdhead's Final Story

This is a very short story I wrote to demonstrate how I feel about leaving you all over summer break. I hope you like the story, and I hope you'll miss me.

The results are poems, so please tell me if you like them, and please copy and paste them into the comments. The little good byes at the end of some of them are just space fillers, so please don't paste those.

Created by: Weirdhead
  1. I wake up so excited. Our trip to Missouri is coming soon!! I jump out of bed and start packing. "Monica? Are you awake?" I hear my mom call. "Yeah, Mom! I'll be right down!" I jump down onto the landing and slide down the banister. "Well, Mom, can you wait? The trip is TOMORROW!!" "About that, dear. We can't go. Too expensive." "What!?" I yell. Tears burn in my eyes. I won't cry. I will not. I do. Tears stream down my face. It's not fair. I run upstairs.
  2. Why did they plan it if it was too expensive? I sob. I feel like a baby, but tears are so relieving. I wipe my eyes and cover my head with a pillow. I wish I'd never even packed. I cry some more. My older brother T.J. walks in. I can see him smirk even with the pillow on my head. "Crybaby," he says. "What's even worth all this throwing a fit?" he asks as I sit up and throw the pillow off my head. He sits on my vanity mirror, knowing I hate when he does that. "Mom and Dad canceled the trip. Too expensive.
  3. His jaw drops. His lip wavers. His eyes tear up. I know he had his heart set on that trip even more than I had mine set. "Are you kidding!?" he yells. "Would I be sobbing like a baby here if I was kidding?" "No. Guess not.." Dad calls T.J. down. I clean my vanity off. My eyes fill up again, and I drop my head on the smooth surface. I look up and see the brand-new bottle of nail polish I had on my vanity. Rose-Red Ruby polish could make anyone feel better. I paint a little on.
  4. As I walk to school, I meet my crush, Dustin. "Hi, Dustin!" I say, since we're best friends. "Hey, Monica." We walk along in silence. "Monica?" "Yes?" "I--" he stops, wheels me around to face him. Then he presses his lips on mine. "I-I love you," he tells me. "I love you too."
  5. After school, I say to my friends (since it's the last day of school), "Goodbye, to fair ones, to plain ones too. I'll miss you all, and want to bid you all adieu.""Bye! Bye! Bye!" rings through the schoolhouse. My eyes are damp from having to leave them.
  6. That poem was for my good friends Houndlover, Ericat, and ghettobabe4ever. This is really how I feel. I don't know how I'm gonna leave you all! Goodbye, you all. (P.S. If you are Houndlover, ghettobabe4ever, or Ericat, click the one with your name.)
  7. I wish I could stay, and sail at ease, with all of my friends, with our back to the breeze.
  8. That's all. Hope you liked the story even though it was really short.
  9. It was nice knowing you all.
  10. Bye.

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