Power Up (Part 1)

This is my first quiz, and first story quiz. It's mostly an experiment, but please tell me if you want more, and what I could improve! I love the characters and plot so far, and I hope you'll feel the same.

Elias- The private school transfer Adrian- Your friend of two years Troye- a fluent English speaker- from France! He apparently transferred so that his mother could get a job translating French documents. It's the end of a week-long break, and you've heard gossip about the new transfers. There seems to be something a bit... off about them, but you need to get to know them better to find out.

Created by: purplesoda
  1. You headed to your new job. It was early fall, and leaves already scattered the streets. You were babysitting the 6-year-old brother of a preppy student who had recently transferred to my school. He had called you late last night, begging me to babysit.
  2. You approached the house- er, mansion, and gripped the large brass door knocker. The house was decorated with blue, and had white trim and marble decorations. The door knocker stood out to you, and was decorated with the faces of three expressions, one happy, sad, and angry.
  3. After waiting for a moment or two more, a boy about your age opened the door. He wore a uniform-like sweater, the same color as the house, and with the doorknockers symbol emblazoned on the front. His hair was so blonde it might as well have been white, and his skin was fair as well. His eyes were a crystal blue, mixed in with grey. He had a splash of freckles that stuck out the most, the warm color contrasting with the rest of his ashen complexion. You must be ______," The boy spoke in a bored drawl, and leaned against the doorframe with a disinterested expression.
  4. "Elias, right?" All you remembered from your phone call was him hastily explaining that his parents were out, so it was the only time he could go to Adrians party. How the new snobby boy got invited to your best friends party without you knowing was a mystery, but Adrian confirmed that he'd invited Elias, along with Troye Andrews, a cute guy rumored to be from France, and a few other folks. When you asked if you could come, he told you it was a 'guy thing.'
  5. "Yes. Elias Steward." He confirmed, offering a hand, the other hanging limply at his side.
  6. "Cody's this way," Elias motioned for you to follow him through a set of double doors into a kitchen. Through an open doorway was a family room, with a sky blue couch and flat screen television. "This place is unreal," You proclaimed, your jaw nearly to the floor. Elias raised an eyebrow at your awe. You grinned at him cheekily.
  7. "HEY! Youre on Mr. Charleston!" You glanced down to see a young boy staring up at you with a frown. You lifted my foot up, which you hadn't noticed was flattening a battered-looking bear with a bowtie.
  8. "You must be Cody," You said bending down to come face-to face with him. Cody looked like an exact replica of Elias, head to feet. The only difference was that Codys hair was hazel brown, different from Eliass platinum. He had freckles, just like Elias, but his seemed to blend in more, probably because his hair was a warmer color.
  9. "Alright, I'"d better head out." Elias said. You nodded, watching him head back through the double doors.
  10. It was the morning of the following day. Aside from babysitting in a literal mansion, nothing different had happened with Cody, compared to the rest of the kids youd babysat. Cody was bouncing off the walls after a mere slice of pizza, and you played a simple card game. Once you had put Cody to bed, Elias returned, looking troubled.
  11. You woke up late, and it's almost time for school. You have a mere eleven minutes until you begin the half-mile walk to school. You decide to wear...
  12. As you're walking to school, you notice a boy that doesn't usually appear on your route. His hair is short, wavy, and hazel colored. His eyes are a striking green, and his outfit is unusually chic. You wonder where he got his fashion sense from.
  13. The captivating boy waves at you and winks once he notices your stares. You blink at him, blushing, and realize that this is none other than Troye Andrews.
  14. Finally, you arrive at school. The firs face you see is a familiar one- Adrian Wood. You've been friends for what seems like forever, although it had only been a few years. You had to admit- he was cute. The red streaks in his hair matched perfectly with his warm complexion, and he was always smiling.
  15. After a short conversation with Adrian, where you contemplated pineapple on pizza and asked him how the party went last night (Apparently, it loosened the tension between the party members) you both headed to first period.
  16. Who do you like so far? (This will affect your score, so choose undecided if you don't want it to affect your results)

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