Beautifully Dangerous

READ READ READ! Your name is Sky ok? This is the prologue it doesn't say on the title I will give descriptions in the next paragraph so read the bottom one too.

READ READ READ READ You have blonde hair and blue eyes that change into diff. Colors some time pale. Kaitlin- golden hair brown eyes tannish. Robert- dark brown hair emo style violet eyes pale.Jake- tan dirty blonde hair sea foam green eyes

Created by: xxbutterflyxx
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  2. BEEP BEEP BEEP. You woke up to the sound of your alarm clock. You stay in bed for about another 10 more minutes before getting up. You go through your regular routine and pick out your clothes. You pick ...
  3. You go downstairs to get breakfast. "Hey mom" you say. You grab a poptart and head out the door. "Bye mom." "Bye sweetie. Be safe." "Ok mom." You walk down to the bus stop. "Hey Kaitlin." "Hey Sky. Did you see the new kid?" "Theres A new kid? Where?" "Idk someone said their was a new kid." You roll your eyes and start listening to your iPod. You get to school pretty quickly and head to your first hour, Math.
  4. TIME FORWARD You found out that the new kids name was Jake. He has dirty blonde hair and dazzling sea foam green eyes. You decide to walk home because its such a nice day. You are about half way to your house when you hear a leaf crunch behind you. You are about to turn around but, big surprise, you get knocked out.
  5. When you wake up, you here keys clicking. You open your eyes a teeny bit to see your surroundings. You see a boy in the corner with dark brown hair. You try to reach for you're phone but he sees you. "Hello Sky. How are you? My name is Robert." You just stare at him because he's like 18. "I'm a vampire and you seem to be something too but I can't find out what." Robert says. You gather up all your strength and say "Your crazy now can I leave?" He laughs at you. "I'm serious let me go!" "Not yet Sky, not yet.
  6. All of the sudden there was a big crash in the wall. When all of the dust cleared you saw Jake. "Robert I suggest you get away from Sky." Jake said. "Make me." Robert threatened ish. Robert inserted some kind of shot that made you pass out. Before you passed out you saw Robert have fangs and Jake grow dark wings.
  7. When you wake up your at your house. 'Weird' you thought. You swore Jake was a fallen angel and Robert was a vampire. You shrugged it off.
  8. Now let us go to the present 5 years later....
  9. Please comment if this is good or not. If a lot of you like it I will make part one
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