Girls, Should You Dump Him?

Are you wondering if you should dump your boyfriend or not? Is he worth your time? With this quiz, find out in minutes! Is he kind or dangerous? Should you dump him?

Have you netted a jerk or a great guy? Is he looking out for your best interest or his? Is he using you? Hopefully, this might bring light on whether you have a great guy or a dangerous jerk!

Created by: shadowlove

  1. You have had to forgive him.
  2. He has gotten drunk in the past six months.
  3. He has cheated on you.
  4. Your friends do not like him.
  5. He pressures you or has tried to pressure you into doing IT.
  6. He says that he wants to be with you forever.
  7. He opens the door for you on dates.
  8. He acts different when you are alone.
  9. He his respectful to adults.
  10. Before dating you, he has gotten a girl(s) pregnant.
  11. You have broken up before and got together again.
  12. He shows you off to his friends.
  13. He has tried to get you to drink, do drugs or other illegal activities.
  14. He has gotten in trouble with the law before.
  15. Your mom/dad hates him.

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Quiz topic: Girls, should I Dump Him?