How well do you know Undertale?

There are many Undertale players, who crave merchandise, and a fangame to make. But at the same time, there are people who are playing blindfolded and don't even know what MT. Ebbot is.

Which one are you? Would you go to the dump and call it a successful day to find half a dummy plushie or do you just wanna find space? Take this test to find out!

Created by: TheOcelotQueen
  1. Easy mode: What is the person you play as called?
  2. Easy: How many souls are needed to break the barrier?
  3. Easy: How many humans have fallen before you?
  4. Easy: What area does the mysteries goat woman lead you through, and what is she called?
  5. Alright, now for medium mode!
  6. Medium: How many years have the monsters been trapped Underground?
  7. Medium: Why were the monsters trapped underground?
  8. Medium: There are two gay ships in Undertale. What are they?
  9. Out of these, what electronic can Undertale be played on?
  10. Hard mode!
  11. Hard: How many areas are there in Undertale?
  12. Hard: How many main characters (Not including Muffet, Napstablook, Mettaton or mad dummy) are there in the order that you meet them? (Pacifist)
  13. What order do you meet the characters in Genocide? (Two of the characters you can put down twice)
  14. Hard:'There is a character who doesn't fight you unless you do gencocide, and a character who doesn't fight you at all.( Not Chara) Who are these?
  15. Last mode, Very Hard!
  16. Where do you meet Gaster?
  17. What is FUN?
  18. There is a girl in one of the bushes in waterfall. What is she doing?
  19. There is an exclusive area if you climb up on monster kids head with an umbrella in Waterfall. What is it?
  20. Do you hope for good results?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Undertale?