Do you have to crap?

Do you have to dump? Do you have do use the crapper? If you have any time before you go, try this quiz to determine if you have to go number twosie!!!

So, do YOU have to crap? Thanks to my little quiz, you can figure out if you have to go! Until now, you had to punch yourself in the stomach to test if you had to dump. Not anymore!!! See if you have to crap!

Created by: Sierra
  1. How are you standing/sitting right now?
  2. When was the last time you took a dump?
  3. What do you call the bathroom?
  4. Which of these would you have last eaten?
  5. Is your stomach making wierd sounds?
  6. What kind of food did you last eat?
  7. Do you have gastroenteritis?
  8. Did someone just try the "poop trick" on you?
  9. Do you WANT to know how to do the poop trick on someone?
  10. Would you help someone out if they just dumped themselves?

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Quiz topic: Do I have to crap?