Will you win the Hunger Games?

The HungerGames is a game were 24 tributes compete in a game to the death. They will be tested on survival skills and certain choices to insure their victory.

Could you win the HungerGames? You are going to be tested in different cases to see if you would succeed. You will be given a percent to show your chances of winning. Good Luck! And remember, be truthful on what you would really do!

Created by: Eli

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  1. The Game starts in 10 seconds. Quick! What is your Plan?
  2. After the bloodbath, you go back to the cornucopia. There are a few weapons left. You can only take one, what do you pick?
  3. There is also a few supplies left. What do you take?
  4. You meet a tribute that has little experience in fighting. They have no weapon. What do you do?
  5. You come across a team of 3. They are all armed with swords. You don't remember them, but you know they are not careers.
  6. You are starving. You find some berries. You are too hungry to identify them.
  7. Through the bushes you see a group of 5 people. All with weapons. The closest one to you is the biggest threat in the game. He is from district 2.
  8. It gets to be night. You are freezing . If you don't do anything soon, you will have a large chance to die of freezing.
  9. You find a 12 year old girl. She is holding a small knife that can be extremely useful. You know that she is not skilled in fighting.
  10. You and the tribute from your district are the only ones left. He/She has been stung by a tracker jacker and don't know that you two are left.

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Quiz topic: Will I win the Hunger Games?