How well do you know Minecraft?

*This test is for Minecraft people who know a little bit about Minecraft. Minecraft has been a VERY popular game since 2009. Now almost everyone knows the game. So people don't... so now... I have a TEST to increase those peoples knowledge of Minecraft.

So... The question is... How well do you know Minecraft? Take this TEST to find out! It is a scale of questions easy - EXTREMLY HARD and it only has 13 questions. GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Niki

  1. Easy: What is the name of the creator of Minecraft?
  2. Easy: What is one thing you should NEVER do in Minecraft?
  3. Medium: What is the birthday of Minecraft? (Don't search up)
  4. Medium: Pistons can move obsidian
  5. Hard: About how many chances will the title on Minecraft say Minceraft instead of Minecraft?
  6. Hard: About how many chances is there that a sheep spawns with pink wool?
  7. Easy: What do you put on your head, so that enderman don't see you?
  8. Medium: Iron golems and wolves are the only two mobs which can become hostile in peaceful mode
  9. Hard/medium: What is the rarest ore - Diamond or emerald?
  10. EXTREMLY HARD:The letters you see in the enchantment table is the standard ______ alphabet. What word belongs in the box?
  11. Easy: What is the animal that says grvssahfidwe? (Hint: P_r_le Sm_oke
  12. Medium: Monsters can spawn in mooshroom biomes
  13. Easy: Cows drop what two items?
  14. Last question EXTREMLY HARD!!: What is Notch moms FIRST name? (not last or middle name)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Minecraft?