what 1 of my charecters are you

i have plenty of characters but what one are you the great eclipse or the annoying solar find out here the beautiful ninja luna or the angel with no power crystal find out here

there was once a great man who once told me that leroy jankins could be killed by dogs i call this man wrong but one day he got eaten by dogs it turned out he was dressed like leroy THE END

Created by: eclipseT_E_C

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  1. colar hair
  2. weapons
  3. what happens in your story choose
  4. eye colar
  5. your best friend asks you out how do you react
  6. your comrad in battle is hurt how do you react
  7. your gonna get the worst one how do you react
  8. are you a demon or angel
  9. next 1 and this one is TEST YOUR LUCK
  10. ...

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Quiz topic: What 1 of my charecters am I